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5 Destination Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

It’s exciting to think about getting married on a beach in Mexico or the Caribbean. But there are a few things you have to keep in mind so that your wedding experience can be wonderful for both you and your guests. Read on to learn about what you need to avoid as you plan out… Read more »

The Real Costs of a South Asian Wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean

If you’ve Googled online to find out how much a South Asian wedding might cost in Mexico or the Caribbean, you’ve probably seen many different sample prices quoted. This can certainly make any bride and groom feel a little lost. Why are there so many variations? And what goes into figuring out the true cost… Read more »

Why Should You Use a Travel Agent?

The internet, and Google, more specifically, has made life easier for anyone looking for answers to nearly any question under the sun: – How far away is Pluto? Google it. – How do I make homemade guacamole? Google it. – What do I have if I have itchy eyes, a sore throat, and a headache?… Read more »