Indian & South Asian Destination Wedding in St. Lucia

Saint Lucia, located in the Eastern Caribbean, is an island nation like no other. With a diverse landscape and an even more diverse culture, there’s no wonder why Saint Lucia has become a popular destination for anyone looking to getaway. From the stunning beaches of Rodney Bay, home to some of the best nightlife the Caribbean has to offer, to the Old Town of Soufrière, the original French capitol, the Island is filled with different experiences at every corner. If you’re looking some adventure, make your way over to the volcanic beaches, the reef-diving sites, or hike through the interior rainforest and hear the calming splash of the waterfalls. Your time in Saint Lucia will be magical, no matter what you choose to do.

Royalton Saint Lucia Resort & Spa

Surrounded by the lush vistas of the tropical paradise known as St. Lucia, you’ll find yourself engulfed in luxury and relaxation at the Royalton Saint Lucia Resort and Spa. Updated with the latest in facilities, the Royalton offers an upscale experience for its guests, ensuring a beautiful, stylish, and comfortable stay. A stay at the… Read more »