Destination Wedding Secrets for South Asian Couples: An Interview with Ateet Ahuja, Founder

Destination Wedding Secrets for South Asian Couples:

An Interview with Ateet Ahuja, Founder

Have you always dreamed of having a destination wedding but are feeling a bit overwhelmed by how to make it happen? You probably have many of the same questions our brides had when they first contacted us so we asked our founder, Ateet Ahuja, to share what it really takes to have a South Asian destination wedding in Mexico and the Caribbean.

What are popular destinations for South Asian weddings?

We love recommending all-inclusive resorts in Mexico especially in Cancun and Riviera Maya because they have really begun focusing on offering packages specifically tailored to South Asian couples over the past few years. Also, you’ll find many excellent South Asian vendors there that are easily accessible.

Within the Caribbean, we love recommending resorts in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and St. Lucia. And those that don’t have a specific package for South Asian weddings still have staff that are very well-versed when it comes to our unique and special customs and traditions.

Do I need both a wedding travel agent and a wedding planner?

Great question! A wedding planner focuses on the project management aspects of the wedding and works on bringing together all of the details together for you. They are well-versed in bringing together the vision of the wedding including details like the décor. A travel agent helps you find your perfect location and venue. They coordinate all of the travel details. Most brides find that it is helpful to have both because their services compliment each other well.

What are some budgeting tips every bride to be should know when it comes to making decisions about her destination wedding?

Make sure you decide on the budget first before the venue. We can always find the perfect venue to match your budget. But if you look at venues first without an idea of how much you want to spend, you’ll be heart-broken if you find a great one that just isn’t in the budget.

Think about what is most important to you when it comes to your wedding. Is it the food? Décor? Unique entertainment options such as fireworks or fire dancers? It’s even better if you can map out what is most important to you for each event that you’ll have in your wedding. Do you want to splurge a great deal on décor for the ceremony but maybe focus more on having excellent food for the reception?

Don’t rush to have too many entertainment activities for your guests in between your major events. This not only saves money but your guests will actually appreciate it. Here’s why: guests like having down time between your major events to relax, connect with each other, or check out parts of the resort they haven’t seen yet. And, if you decide to have children at your event, the parents will be especially grateful to have time to tend to younger children or let the older children take advantage of the teen entertainment options.

Finally, know that one of the easiest ways to make your wedding more affordable is to negotiate by asking for more or different items versus on price. For instance, you can ask for additional golf carts so guests (especially those who are older, young or disabled) can easily get to the different celebrations.

What sets you apart from other destination wedding travel agencies?

  • We only specialize in South Asian wedding experiences in Mexico and the Caribbean. So, we’re well-versed in knowing which resorts truly understand our customs and beautiful traditions.
  • We have a deep-rooted history in the wedding industry that spans two decades so we’ve built long-standing connections with the best resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean that allow insider access to perks our clients love. Perks such as:
    • -local tours
    • -free honeymoons
    • -free flight for the couple to the destination
    • -free anniversary stays
    • -and more!
  • We don’t take our work lightly. Your wedding is such an important occasion in your life and we treat it as an absolute honor to be a part of it: because it is! That’s why we are committed to being responsive and proactive from the moment we first meet you to the moment you are back at home from your wedding.
  • We’re obsessed with details: Our process isn’t just about find a place that fits your budget. We want to know your overall vision for your wedding and the type of experiences you want for your guests. It all matters.
  • I have the unique experience of overseeing a DJ company and travel agency which not only contributes to the relationships we’ve built with resorts but also the relationships we’ve built with other vendors. That helps make your wedding experience even more seamless when you work with us!
  • We don’t believe in being pushy or salesy. We’ll share how you can work with us and how it’ll benefit you most. But your conversation with us will feel like you’re talking to a good friend, not a used car salesman.
  • Should you decide to get a price quote, we’ll share what works for your budget only. We don’t believe in pushing clients to make choices that make them overspend.
  • Should you choose to work with us, you’ll get your own, personalized contact and you’ll never feel like just another client.

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