Indian Destination Wedding Story


Ateet Ahuja, President of
Indian Destination Wedding, Inc.

Expanding horizons and breaking through borders – that has always been the mission of Indian Destination Wedding.

Led by seasoned event planner Ateet Ahuja – we’ve always been impassioned by the prospect of helping folks create memorable moments they’ll cherish for a lifetime, and have been planning international, Indian and fusion weddings since 1996.

Ateet with one of his couples
in Mexico

“We love being a part of one of the most significant days in someone’s life,” Ateet said. “We pride ourselves on handling our weddings with professionalism and creativity, and are committed to making sure our clients’ visions become their reality.”

As we looked to form Indian Destination Wedding, we asked ourselves a simple question:

What could we do to not only stand out among the crowd, but to help our clients have the wedding of their dreams?

The answer was simple: We’d actually spend time getting to know our clients before we start planning their weddings.

People who choose us to plan their wedding or travel arrangements are taken back by how committed we are to getting to know their vision. A singular phone call or hastily written email simply won’t do. We engage in conversations with our clients because we know it’s this type of personalized touch that will help us create customized tours and packages that are as unique and individualized as our clients themselves.

An expertise in recreating the idyllic Indian experience

Ateet and his team of travel and wedding planning experts have helped plan and execute countless culturally diverse and destination weddings since the mid-90s. Being Indian, Ateet is uniquely gifted in designing and developing Indian weddings that feature many aspects of the culture. He speaks Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Spanish, and is well-skilled in understanding, respecting, and implementing the many subtle – yet important – cultural differences that an Indian wedding might encompass, including food, clothing, music and traditions. “The magic of a successful destination wedding is in the details,” Ateet said. “From making sure guests’ travel plans are taken care of to ensuring that the linens match the overall décor, we treat every component as if it’s the most important because, simply put, it is.”