What to Expect When Planning Your South Asian Destination Wedding for 2022 and Beyond

South Asian Destination Weddings in 2022 and Beyond

In 2022 and beyond, weddings will still be different from what we’ve seen before. But there’s still ways to get the exact destination and vendors you love. It just takes a few tweaks and the right vendors.

Knowing these things as you make your decisions will make the entire process much easier. Here are a few things you’ll want to know as you bring together your wedding plans.

Wedding venues are booking up faster

As travel restrictions lift, all-inclusive resorts are getting booked faster especially for South Asian destination weddings.

Not all resorts have the right amount or depth of experience with South Asian weddings which means there are only so many available. Stay open to different venues and you’ll find the one that will work for your vision and budget.

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Start securing your rentals early

Global supply shortages are affecting weddings whether you have them at home or at a tropical destination. That means that if there’s anything you’d like to rent for your wedding (such as tents or furniture), you’ll need to secure them early to ensure they will be available for your date.

The same rule applies to other wedding elements such as flowers and décor.

Vendors are getting booked more quickly as well

Many people who were supposed to get married in 2020 and 2021 are finally able to move forward with their wedding plans. That means there’s a bigger demand for wedding vendors of all kinds but the ones that specialize in South Asian weddings are seeing a major uptick in demand for their services.

So, it’s best to book your vendors 12-15 months in advance if you can. Look for several options for each type of vendor you’d like so you can quickly move on to the next one if the one you want isn’t available.

Deciding on your wedding attire earlier is a must

The bridal industry has been hit hard and there may be supply chain delays. Custom orders, as well as tailoring, can take longer than before. Add in extra time for any touch-ups and alterations you might need. All of this means that getting your outfits early will ensure you won’t be disappointed later.

Outdoor weddings are going up in demand like never before

Because outdoor weddings are open airflow spaces, they are becoming even more popular and, of course, beach destinations are most favored for these types of events. Stay flexible when it comes to the destination you’d like.

Working with a wedding agency like us at Indian Destination Wedding will help you considerably as we can quickly shorten the list for you and find the ones that are available for your wedding date and are experienced in South Asian weddings.

Rising costs for all kinds of weddings

Whether you get married at home or at a tropical destination, you’ll find that prices have changed. However, that makes it even more important to work with a wedding agency like ours.

We have relationships with the resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean that are experienced in South Asian destination weddings. That means we get access to perks and savings you otherwise couldn’t get on your own.

Adding up these benefits could make a wedding at an all-inclusive resort equal to or even cheaper than have one at home.

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Getting a videographer who can livestream your wedding is a big trend now

Not everyone can travel these days which means it’s helpful to offer those guests the option to see your wedding from home.

That’s why finding videographers who can livestream your wedding is becoming especially important. But videographers who are offering this are now also in demand so it’s best to ask if this is an option and book them if they are available.

Weddings have certainly changed in the past two years but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the wedding of your dreams. With just a few tweaks to your plans, you’ll be able to get the venue and vendors you want for your wedding.

Our clients have had exceptional weddings at the best resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean during the pandemic and it all came down to keeping the above points in mind.

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Make sure to have a wedding agency in the picture to make this process especially easier for you and you’ll find that your wedding plans will be moving forward smoothly.

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