How to Pick the Perfect Date for your South Asian Destination Wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean

South Asian Destination Wedding

While many couples want to start researching locations for their destination wedding, the first thing many resorts will ask is “What date are you considering for your wedding?” That’s why after deciding on your budget, we recommend that you decide on your wedding date. And with resorts booking up faster now more than ever, it’s important to make decisions like this quickly so you have the best chance of securing the place you’d like.

Much of the advice out there mentions checking the season and weather (which we’ll cover that below) but there’s many more factors you’ll need to consider to get the right date for you. Read on to see the right steps to take to pick the perfect date for your South Asian destination wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean.

What to consider when choosing your wedding date for a wedding Mexico or the Caribbean

Seasonality in Mexico and the Caribbean

Generally speaking, the season is broken down into three parts: Low season, high season and shoulder season. High seasons is the busiest time and falls between January and April as well as in July. Low seasons is the least busy and falls between September and October. Shoulder season swings between these two in May, June, August, November and December.

You’ll have more venues to choose from if you go with a wedding date around this time than you would during the high season. This is especially important for South Asian weddings since ours tend to be quite large and resorts have a limited number of venues that can accommodate bigger parties.

Choosing a date around high season means you may have a tougher time finding a place that will be able to say “yes” to you. Or, they may have room to book your wedding but it will cost more because it is a popular time of year. High season is also when you can expect more tourists so rooms get booked faster at the resorts that are especially popular.


Consider the weather around the time of year you are considering. Island weddings have the added benefit of having wonderful weather throughout most of the year so getting married in winter means you can expect sunshine, blue skies and warm weather.

However, the islands do through hurricane season and rain season. The costs are lower to book at resorts during this time but the weather could vary so outdoor events may get impacted.

Sunset time

This one is something not many couples consider but it can make a big difference in how your wedding photos will turn out: sunset! You’ll want to have your ceremony to start several hours before the sun sets so you have time to get portraits done with great lighting after your ceremony is over.

Choosing a wedding date in the Caribbean around September means the sun will set around 7:00 p.m. but choosing one around November has the sun setting around 6 p.m. That will impact the start times of your other events as well.


Some perks such as getting free stays or free events added to your wedding aren’t available during blackout dates (for example, holidays). So, to get the best value for your destination wedding, consider this as you pick your date.

Other considerations

Here are a few other considerations that can impact your wedding date. Consider these questions:

  • Can I and my wife/husband take time off from work around those dates?

    If you or your spouse have a big work project or a certain time of year that is your busy season, make sure your wedding (or honeymoon after) won’t conflict with it. For example, those in the accounting field are busy from January to April.

  • Will it be more expensive for my guests to fly out around that time of year? 
  • Should we consider a date that is special to us?

    Some couples like to get married on or around a date that is meaning to them such as the date they met. Since this is the date you’ll celebrate for the rest of your lives together, choosing a date with an important meaning behind it makes it even more personal.

  • Will this date conflict with other celebrations we observe on either side of our families?

    For instance, make sure your date doesn’t fall during someone’s birthday weekend, other weddings in your families or when a baby might be due in your family.

    If you have a particular vendor in mind that you know you want to secure (such as a photographer or videographer you love), make sure they are also available around the dates you are considering.

  • Are there any holidays, national events or events local to that region you are considering?

    Holidays have a major impact on destination weddings. For example, it would be harder to book a venue around New Years or it would be much more expensive. Major events like conventions, conferences, and festivals will impact room availability for you and your guests. It also is an indicator that the resort or areas around it will be especially busy during your wedding celebrations.

    In addition, religious holidays will impact how many guests would say “yes” to coming to your wedding.

  • Is there a season that you especially love?

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