Fun Ways to Impress Your Guests: Top Add-Ons for Your Destination Wedding

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Every bride and groom who has a destination wedding wants their guests to have a wonderful time. And when you have a destination wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean, you have the advantage of adding on extra experiences that will impress your guests. Read on to see some of our favorite ways our clients have taken their weddings to the next level.

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Local tours

Many resorts offer the chance to book group excursions and we can’t recommend this one enough. You’ll get the chance to bond with your guests while exploring somewhere new together. Some of our favorite excursions in Mexico include a tour of the Mayan ruins in Tulum and Chichen Itza. In Jamaica, we love catamaran cruises to Dunns Rivier Falls in Ocho Rios. You can incorporate the tours by having them be part of the welcome activities you offer to guests the day or two before your wedding evens begin.

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Our couples who have added fireworks to their weddings have loved seeing the reaction on their guests’ faces especially when it happens at the beginning or end of their reception as a surprise. Most resorts offer ways to add this on without breaking the bank.


Sparklers are a way to add some extra fun and excitement to your wedding. They also make for some of the most beautiful wedding shots we’ve seen in client wedding portraits! Incorporate them at the end of your reception to have your guests send you off.

Same-Day Edits: Wedding picture slide shows

Some photographers will offer the option to do a same-day edit which is a slide show during the reception that shows some of the shots they’ve taken from the wedding so far. It’s a fun way to show the guests a sneak peek of the wedding album. Check with your photographer to see your options for adding this in to your package.

Fire dancers

Fire dancers are not something you’ll find in a wedding back at home but in Mexico and the Caribbean, they are very popular. Clients love including them as a way to add a touch of the local culture to their wedding events. Guests walk away amazed because the dancers do some incredible acrobats and stunts!

Horse and Carriage

Exiting your ceremony in a horse and carriage is such a luxurious way to do it! Our clients who have done this love the fairy-tale vibe it gives off and it allows you to have some private time with your new spouse before kicking into high gear again for the reception. Once the guests see the horse and carriage, they will definitely have their phones out ready to snap a picture!

Fire breathers

Another fun option for your wedding is to include fire breathers. This type of show adds so much excitement and will have your guests at the edge of their seats as they wonder just how the entertainers do it without getting hurt!

Wedding live streams

Not all guests can make it to your wedding so offering the chance to have them watch it as it happens live can be a sweet way to have them be a part of it all. Check with your videographer so see your options.

Dhol players

This is already a staple at many South Asian weddings for the baraat but have you ever thought of including one in your reception alongside your DJ? Professional dhol players know how to work with DJs to take songs to the next level. And when you include them as a surprise in your reception, they will get guests moving! We have our own team of dhol players that are experienced in South Asian weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean that you can add to your wedding services with us. Contact us to learn more.

As you can see, there are many ways to add more excitement to your wedding events. And when you add one of these options, you’ll be sure to have a wedding that will have your guests smiling the entire time.

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