How to Compare Resorts in Mexico or the Caribbean for Your South Asian Destination Wedding

Compare resorts in Mexico or the Caribbean for your South Asian Destination Wedding

Whether you are considering a destination wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean, you find resorts that catch your eye, it might be difficult to choose among all of the great options out there. The first thing most couples look at is the price but it helps to look closer at a few details to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

And sometimes you think one resort is cheaper but when you look more closely, it ends up costing more when you factor in other elements. We’re here to help you make the best decision for your budget and the vision you have for your destination wedding. Read on to see what you should consider as you choose a resort.

Special access

Some resorts offer you special access to their sister resorts that are next door. This adds a great deal of value to your wedding package because it multiples the number of restaurants and amenities you’ll get to access.

The resort next door might offer a waterpark, golf course, lazy river, or other fun things to do that you could enjoy without paying extra. The resort next door might be a more expensive place to have your wedding so you’ll get the features you love while paying less.

Cost to add additional guests

Some resorts have pre-made wedding packages you can choose from that bundle together all or most of what you would need for your wedding. However, they have a limit on the number of guests it would include and offer you the opportunity to add more for an additional cost.

One resort might have a package with up to 200 guests that seems to fit your budget but the cost per extra guest might be higher than another resort that includes more guests in its package that seems to be a higher cost up front.

Size of the resort

Larger resorts have more amenities but larger resorts mean more walking to get to where you need to go. Keep that in mind for guests that require handicap access and ensure the one you pick will accommodate them.

Proximity to venues

You want to check the distance between the building where your guests will stay to the venue you choose for your ceremony. If it will be far, make sure the resort you choose can help but by providing enough golf cards or other resorts to help your guests get there. This will be especially important if you have older guests or those with children.


Some resorts have in-house South Asian chefs while others allow you to cater from a local South Asian restaurant. The costs will vary so make sure you check them closely and see what items each includes.


Some resorts will throw in special bonuses such as upgraded décor for your events. This can be a great cost savings so do see what type of bonuses each will provide and calculate the cost of having versus not having them.

And the best part? When you have a large savings like that, you can put your money toward other parts of your wedding that are especially important to you such as getting a quality photographer or having ample flowers for your wedding.

South Asian wedding packages vs customized packages

There are resorts that offer pre-made South Asian wedding packages and others that don’t do so (but do let you put together a package). Each of these has their own benefits but what you want to keep in mind is that the pre-made packages are designed to give value so you save a bit more sometimes with them.

Make sure you write out what the options each includes side-by-side to get an accurate picture of what you are really getting. You might find that one package is missing something that you’ll need to spend extra money on to include.

Venue details

When comparing different resorts, you’ll want to know if certain venues you like at each resort have any time limitations. For instance, some are only available at certain hours. Or, it costs more if you want that venue for a certain day of the week or time.

Pay attention to the location of each venue you are considering at different resorts. Some also are located close to pools where other guests will be so noise might be an issue.

Bringing outside vendors

Some hotels or resorts charge you if you want to bring an outside vendor while others don’t. Confirm that you won’t pay extra if you want to do so.

Adults only vs family-friendly properties

Many couples choose family-friendly properties but some aren’t expecting children on their guest list. In that case, choosing an adults-only resort has the benefit of offering a bit more quiet and more space to offer amenities that appeal to adults.

If you do expect guests with children, pay attention to the features that will appeal to kids of different ages. Some resorts offer full services where they can give you a crib, bottle warming service, strollers, baby bath tubs and more without extra fees.

Hotel updates

Many hotels invest well in keeping their rooms and grounds updated but some do it more so than others. Also, you’ll want to know if they anticipate any construction or renovations during the dates you are considering. You might find that one package is much more affordable but then realize it’s because there will be construction around that time.


Will you be the only wedding they have on the date you choose? It helps to know if there will be any other weddings on that day. This isn’t necessary a deal-breaker if they do have one but if they expect more than one that day, keep in mind that this strains their resources and your wedding may or may not get the attention it deserves.

Also, you want to know if they will have other South Asian weddings that day because chances are it will be a large wedding which will also tap their resources.

As you can see, there are many details that can influence whether one resort or another will work for your wedding. A $50,000 wedding can look vastly different across different resorts so you’ll want to consider these details as you make your final decision.

If you’re working with an expert company like ours, we can help you pick the right one so you won’t have to do it alone! We’ll present a list of resorts to you that fit your budget and vision and help you see the pros and cons of each for your wedding.

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