Kavita and Rajan – Moon Palace Jamaica

Oh just to remember how beautiful Jamaican sunsets were!!! During one of them we’ve found ourselves along with Kavita and Rajan in a tiny roadside fishing village. We had an AMAZING-AMAZING time in Jamaica couple of weeks ago with our friends Kavita and Rajan, their friends and families celebrating their wedding! We spent so much time together that after returning we all joked about going through “withdrawals,” which were only eased up by seeing each other at the wedding the weekend after.
There are so many images we want to share! Today, we wanted to start out with one of our favorites from a little adventure four of us to…ok on with the help of our awesome driver the day after wedding festivities wrapped up. We enjoyed our ride through picturesque countryside, when Kavita saw some goats grazing along the side of the road. She proclaimed that we HAD to take some photos with “her” goats! It turns out her childhood nickname from her family was Bakarī, which translates as a “goat.” Well, if you put it that way, then we MUST take photos with the goats! ? ? – Storymotion Wedding Photographers.

Kavita and Rajan