Janki and Nicolas’ Sweet South Asian Destination Wedding at El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya

South Asian Destination Wedding El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya Mexico

South Asian Destination Wedding El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya MexicoAny guest at the beach destination wedding of Janki and Nicolas felt the undeniable love between them.

It was evident from the laughter they shared, their sweet mutual glances and the overall energy between them throughout the wedding week. And their friends and family couldn’t have been more excited as they celebrated with them at El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya.

Read on to get the details about this beautiful wedding and get best practices you can use as you think about your destination wedding.

To ensure all of your wedding plans go smoothly, you need to have your destination and resort picked out as early as you can in the wedding process as this can impact which vendors will be available to you and what dates work best.

South Asian Destination Wedding El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya MexicoThat’s where we came in for Janki and Nicolas. We helped them settle on the right location and from there we used our signature Match Finder Process® to match them to El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya. This resort offered the amount of space they needed while being close to the airport and other attractions in case guests wanted to explore. It’s a resort that is well-versed in South Asian weddings and has many beautiful spots on site that make for perfect backdrops for wedding portraits.

Beyond having a wedding travel agency on your side, having a good wedding planner is a must when it comes to beach weddings. The wonderful team at The Storybook Event was there every step of the way in the wedding process to bring Janki and Nicolas’ wedding plans to life.

South Asian Destination Wedding El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya MexicoThe Storybook Event team is well-acquainted with a variety of cultural backgrounds, traditions, and customs, including Western, South Asian, and cross-cultural weddings. They prioritize excellence, precision, and a proactive mindset in their event planning and execution.

They excel at thoroughly pre-planning each detail while providing creative options for every part. As you research wedding planners, ask which wedding they have done that they are most proud of and why. You’ll identify their natural strengths and the toughest challenges they have faced.

The next major focus for most brides and grooms is having an excellent photographer and videographer. Janki and Nicolas wanted teams that would be able to tell their story well with photos and footage that would make anyone feel as if they were right there with them.

South Asian Destination Wedding El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya MexicoThey chose to work with master photographers at Jhankarlo Photography and Dream Catcher Film. These two teams work seamlessly with each other as they have served South Asian destination weddings together before so they were the right fit. The Jhankarlo Photography team has a talented for producing portraits that are striking, emotional, and magazine-worthy.

They know how to work quickly to get just the right angle and shot even in the largest weddings. But what makes them special is that they can do this while capturing images that bring out the inner essence of each person they capture on camera. The team at Dream Catcher Film specializes in capturing the magic of weddings with their unparalleled expertise, crafting high-quality videos that immortalize every cherished moment.

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Dream Catcher Films transforms each wedding into a cinematic masterpiece, ensuring every smile, tear, and laughter is preserved for eternity. As you look for wedding photographers and videographers, be sure to ask for referrals from complimentary vendors.

For example, if you find a videographer you like, ask them for the names of photographers they have liked working with as well. Be sure to ask them if they offer same-day or next-day sneak peeks and edits that you can share with family and friends who were not at the wedding.

South Asian Destination Wedding El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya MexicoFarah Shabbir and the Alex Corbanezi team brought out Janki’s beautiful features. Farah creates elegant mehndi designs that are intricate, and delicate. She intricately weaves cultural heritage and contemporary elegance into her exquisite henna designs, leaving brides adorned with timeless beauty.

When it came to Janki’s wedding makeup, she worked with the Alex Corbanezi team to choose more natural glam looks that gave a chic and effortless vibe. The best part is that it allowed her clothing and accessories to shine instead of competing with them.

This type of look also helps make your wedding portraits look timeless as well. And as a bonus, it is far less difficult to keep up versus more colorful glam makeup looks.

South Asian Destination Wedding El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya MexicoThe Alex Corbanezi team’s artistry captures the essence of South Asian weddings, leaving brides feeling confident, empowered, and stunningly beautiful. Their extensive experience in South Asian wedding makeup not only ensures stunning results but also fosters a comfortable and personalized experience for every bride, making them feel pampered and cherished on their big day.

For destination weddings, start looking for your beauty team well in advance, ideally 6-12 months before your wedding date. This allows you to secure the services of your preferred artist and schedule a trial run.

South Asian Destination Wedding El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya MexicoWhen it came time for the baraat and reception, DJ Mehul Patel of Indian DJ Events, and Inspire (audio visual) were ready to amplify the guests’ excitement. DJ Mehul brings the vibrant rhythms of South Asian music to life, infusing energy and excitement into every baraat procession with his expertly curated playlists that ignite celebration and joy.

Renowned for his seamless transitions and infectious beats, DJ Mehul transforms the reception into an unforgettable dance party, keeping guests on their feet all night long with his eclectic mix of Bollywood hits and chart-topping tracks.

South Asian Destination Wedding El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya MexicoWith the audio-visual team at Inspire, the sounds and lights were perfect throughout the wedding, making it an incredible experience for guests. With a commitment to excellence and a flair for creativity, Inspire AV transforms wedding receptions into immersive experiences, enchanting guests with stunning visual displays and crystal-clear audio that set the stage for unforgettable memories.

When it comes to picking the right entertainment team, some DJs offer emcee services, including making announcements and facilitating transitions throughout the event. Clarify whether this is included in their services and if they have experience as an emcee.

Janki and Nicolas’ sweet wedding came together with the help of our incredible vendor partners. We loved working with the following teams and are grateful for all they did to make this an amazing week.

Travel concierge: Indian Destination Wedding

Resort: El Dorado Royale

Wedding planner: The Storybook Event

Photographer: Jhankarlo Photography

Videographer: Dream Catcher Film

Mehndi: Farah Shabbir

Makeup: Alex Corbanezi

A/V: Inspire

DJ: DJ Mehul Patel

Janki and Nicolas’ wedding was a sweet experience for them and their guests that unveiled the next chapter in their love story. Being able to celebrate together is already such a gift but getting a chance to do that in a gorgeous beach paradise elevated the experience to a new level.

We are so proud to have been chosen to be a part of their wedding journey. We are cheering them on as they step into an even brighter future together filled with precious memories and a love that grows even more beautiful each day.

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