Miloni and Harsh’s Exciting South Asian Destination Wedding at Moon Palace Cancun

South Asian Destination Wedding Moon Palace Cancun

South Asian Destination Wedding Moon Palace Cancun“Harsh, Harsh, Milooooni! Harsh, Harsh, Milooooni!” In a moment of pure happiness and excitement, this was the chant the crowd exclaimed during Harsh and Miloni’s wedding ceremony at Moon Palace Cancun.

The exhilarating energy in the air was undeniable as everyone was ready to see them get married under their gorgeous floral mandap with the soft ocean waves as the backdrop. It was a wedding week no one would soon forget as friends and family celebrated Harsh and Milani’s next chapter in their love story.

South Asian Destination Wedding Moon Palace CancunRead on to hear the details of this exciting destination wedding and get best practices you can use on your wedding journey.

There are so many excellent locations in Mexico and the Caribbean to visit but when it comes to having a South Asian destination wedding, you have to know which ones are most suitable for one. And once you find a location, you still need to know which of the resorts have the perfect blend of experience, space, amenities, and beautiful grounds for your wedding.

That’s why Miloni and Harsh chose to work with us to simplify the entire process. We took them through our Signature Match Finder process which revealed that Moon Palace Cancun would be perfect for them. From there, we handled all of the travel and accommodation bookings for them and their guests.

South Asian Destination Wedding Moon Palace CancunHaving a partner on your side to manage these details can make the entire destination wedding process much easier. That’s why it’s important to book a travel wedding agency like ours who not only has experience with South Asian weddings but also has relationships with the resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean. You’ll want a team that is well-connected and will be available to you before, during and after your wedding as well.

Once they had an idea of which destination and resort they wanted, Harsh and Miloni worked with Moksha Wedding Planning to co-create the wedding of their dreams. The team at Moksha Wedding Planning excels at ensuring that both the big picture and the finer details were perfect.

South Asian Destination Wedding Moon Palace CancunThey aim to make the destination wedding process as fun and relaxing as possible so that brides and grooms can focus on enjoying the full experience. Moksha was there throughout the wedding week ensuring every event launched flawlessly from the welcome night all the way to the wedding reception.

Their trademark is putting on events that feel elegant, classy and vibrant. As you consider wedding planners, look for a team that seems eager to get to know you and your vision. Ask them about recent challenges they faced with other weddings and how they got through them.

South Asian Destination Wedding Moon Palace CancunIt’s also important to ask how many other weddings they are planning around the same time as yours to get a sense of how available they will be to you. Finally, don’t forget to inquire about what happens if the person you are working with becomes unavailable to due to illness or other unforeseen events.

To capture every beautiful memory, Harsh and Miloni worked with Federico Salmeron Photography and the teams at Saptapadi Films and Saptapadi Weddings for videography. These are vendors we love recommending to our clients because of their high level of professionalism and their incredible talent.

Federico Salmeron’s portraits are rich, classic and breath-taking. What we love about his work is that it isn’t just beautiful: it’s consistently high quality from wedding to wedding. Saptapadi Films and Saptapadi Weddings are sister companies that specialize in South Asian weddings.

We love how they create wedding videos that capture the energy of each wedding they shoot so perfectly so that no two are alike. They take time to get to know couples so that they create videos that are true to their unique story.

As you look for a videography team, ask them about their videography style and view their examples. You should also find out about their editing process and their turnaround time.

South Asian Destination Wedding Moon Palace CancunTo get Miloni wedding ready, NavitaXMakeup helped her look her best throughout her wedding week. Navita’s makeup application helps brides look and feel flawless. We love that she truly listens to what brides want and doesn’t create a cookie-cutter look for each one.

Miloni wanted a very natural look for her wedding. So, with just a bit of tinted moisturizer, concealer, soft contour and individual lashes as well as soft shadow, liner and lipstick, Navita gave her a classic look that showed perfectly in the portraits.

South Asian Destination Wedding Moon Palace CancunAs you select a makeup artist, look at their portfolio to see whether they have varied styles of makeup for brides with different skin tones. You also want someone who has done makeup specifically for brides at beach weddings because makeup application for tropical weather requires certain techniques and products to ensure longevity.

Miloni also worked with Loto Mehndi to ensure she had the perfect designs for her wedding. The Loto Mehndi team bring intricate and culturally rich designs to South Asian brides. With a delicate hand and a keen eye for detail, they craft stunning henna patterns that beautifully adorn the hands and feet of brides, adding an extra touch of elegance on to their special day.

South Asian Destination Wedding Moon Palace CancunAs you select a henna artist for your wedding, ensure they have enough team members for your wedding. Ask to see an example of their most elaborate as well as their most simple designs they have done to get a feel for their range of talent.

The reception ended with as much energy as the wedding week started. It included a heart-felt dance between Harsh and Miloni that completed with a burst of sparklers firing behind them while the crowd cheered. DJ Sunny P Events and MC Beats By Jay collaborated seamlessly to orchestrate a spectacular evening.

South Asian Destination Wedding Moon Palace CancunWith DJ Sunny P’s unparalleled expertise in curating the perfect musical atmosphere and Beats by J’s charismatic MC skills, the event pulsated with energy and rhythm throughout. As you look for a DJ and MC for your wedding, it helps to ask for recommendations if you find one of them first since they would recommend someone they would work best with for your wedding.

A wedding as beautiful as Harsh and Miloni’s comes together with amazing vendor partners like the ones below. We are grateful for their dedication to our clients!

Travel concierge: Indian Destination Wedding

Resort: Moon Palace Cancun

Wedding planner: Moksha Wedding Planning

Photography: Federico Salmeron Photography

Videography: Saptapadi Films Saptapadi Weddings

Makeup: NavitaXMakeup

Mehndi: Loto Mehndi

DJ and MC: DJ Sunny P Events and Beats By Jay

Harsh and Miloni’s wedding was full of the energy throughout each event. The happiness in the air and excitement for their bright future together made each event feel magical and special.

Their journey as husband and wife had begun in the most unforgettable way possible, leaving them with cherished memories to last a lifetime. We are so grateful to have been a part of their wedding journey and we know their future will be even brighter together as husband and wife.

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