Shivani and Nilan’s Fairy-tale South Asian Destination Wedding at Hard Rock Los Cabos

South Asian Destination Wedding Hard Rock Los Cabos Mexico

Nothing is quite like the smile of a bride on her wedding day. So, when Shivani came down the aisle with a smile on her face that was as beautiful as the ocean surrounding the ceremony, everyone couldn’t help but cheer.

South Asian Destination Wedding Hard Rock Los Cabos MexicoThroughout each of the events during Shivani and Nilan’s dream destination wedding weekend, the energy in the air matched the happiness the couple felt as they celebrated the wedding week. Every detail was perfect, every moment was special. Read more about their fairy-tale South Asian destination wedding and learn best practices you can use for your future beach wedding.

Wedding vendors typically want to know when and where you would like to have your wedding. Finding a resort in Mexico or the Caribbean for a South Asian beach wedding can take time because you have to sift through so many to find the perfect one that not only fits your budget, your vision and your space needs but also understands South Asian weddings.

South Asian Destination Wedding Hard Rock Los Cabos MexicoWe simplify the process by helping couples find the destination and resort that is perfect for them. After taking Shivani and Nilan through our Signature Resort Match Finder process, we saw that Hard Rock Los Cabos would be best.

When you start looking for resorts, save time by working with an agency like ours who not only know which resorts are best for South Asian weddings but also has connections with the best ones. This means you’ll not only get the best experience there but you’ll also enjoy cost savings you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Destination weddings can have many moving parts so hiring a wedding planner early is crucial because the best ones get booked fast. Shivani and Nilan worked with Eunice Bravo Weddings to ensure that they would have a wedding experience that would be unforgettable.

South Asian Destination Wedding Hard Rock Los Cabos MexicoThe Eunice Bravo team stands out for their quality of work and dedication to their clients. They bring a sense of calm, confidence and skill that puts brides and grooms at ease. You’ll be in good hands with this team because they genuinely want their clients to have an incredible wedding.

We love that they ensure that the finer details of weddings from start to finish feel elegant and chic. As you look for a wedding planner, ask about their overall style and what they feel makes them different from others.

A good team will easily be able to tell you these answers. You should also ask them about how much experience they have working specifically with the resort you are considering.

Two of the most important parts of a wedding budget are the photographer and videographer because their work is something that will increase in value over time. This is an area of your budget where it’s important to get the best teams you can afford.

South Asian Destination Wedding Hard Rock Los Cabos MexicoShivani and Nilan worked with Take It Photo for photography and Ruiz Films. The Take It Photo produces photos that are vibrant, refined and full of emotion. Their work always grabs attention because they shoot at unique angles and manage to capture those subtle moments that make all the difference in telling your wedding story the right way.

Ruiz Films is a team that creates wedding videos that are beautiful and cinematic. After watching their work, you would think that they knew the bride and groom for years. The team has a great deal of experience with South Asian weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean so they know how to maneuver through the event spaces to get the footage that makes for stunning wedding highlight videos.

Selecting a photographer or videographer for your wedding should start by looking for one that specializes in destination weddings specifically in Mexico and the Caribbean. They will undoubtedly have worked with the top resorts and vendors you will be considering so they will work well with the other vendors you select.

You should ask them about their overall timeline for getting you the video footage or photos once your wedding is done so you know what to expect.

South Asian Destination Wedding Hard Rock Los Cabos MexicoShivani’s beautiful bridal glow came from within so when Andrea Vlaovich and Lemons and Mehndi worked with her as her glam team, it was easy to enhance her natural beauty. Andrea and her team have a way of creating makeup looks that are glamorous without being over the top. They celebrate each bride’s uniquely beautiful features and they know how to select colors that compliment each wedding outfit perfectly.

Lemons and Mehndi is a well-established and trust team of mehndi artists that create intricate designs that brides love. They make brides feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. As you select your glam team, make sure to articulate your personal style. Show them examples of other looks or designs you’ve loved so they get a sense of how to guide you.

South Asian Destination Wedding Hard Rock Los Cabos MexicoTo make sure their wedding looked as lovely as a fairy-tale, Shivani and Nilan worked with Casa Selva and Zuniga Deco Cancun for flowers and décor, respectively. Both of these vendors are skilled at creating environments for weddings that feel luxurious and chic.

The Casa Selva team’s creativity when it comes to creating floral arrangements for clients shines especially when it comes to their work for wedding ceremonies. They love listening to ideas clients have but also come prepared with their own vision to give clients additional options they might not have considered.

The Zuniga Deco Cancun team is a staple in the destination wedding industry because they have tasteful décor that ranges from traditional to modern. They ensure they understand the bride and groom’s vision for each event so that the décor tells the story perfectly.

When it comes to find the right teams for your destination wedding décor, choose ones that have beautiful décor to match any budget you have in mind. They should be asking about your wedding colors and your overall vision so they can customize everything to your wedding.

A good team will be knowledgeable about their industry so be ask them about particular trends they have noticed in weddings.

DJ Sunny P EventsSouth Asian Destination Wedding Hard Rock Los Cabos Mexico with Beats by Jay brought magic to the reception with every song they played. They effortlessly blended melodies in creative and unexpected ways that had the crowd cheering, smiling and dancing throughout the evening. They know how to read the crowd so that the songs they play will come at just the right time to boost the energy even more. When you want a DJ who will play the melodies that will hype up your guests, DJ Sunny P is definitely the one to consider.

As you look for a DJ for your wedding, consider choosing one that not only has the skills but also seems like they will be easy to work with for your wedding. Do they seem responsive? Are they coming to your meeting ready with ideas? Do they look genuinely interested in your wedding and are asking questions to get to know you? These are all great signs to look for when choosing your DJ.

South Asian Destination Wedding Hard Rock Los Cabos MexicoShivani and Nilan also worked with content creator Via Sim. When it comes to beach destination weddings, having a content creator has become popular among brides and grooms because they capture video and photo footage to share on your social media page for you.

Most often you are able to get things updated in real time or within 24 hours. The advantage is that you nor your family or friends have to worry about updating your social media. They are also talented when it comes to editing and creating great footage so the result is always beautiful.

A wedding as magical as Shivani and Nilan’s comes together seamless when you have wonderful vendor partners. We are so grateful to the following teams for everything they did to make our clients so happy!

Travel: Indian Destination Wedding

Resort: Hard Rock Los Cabos

Wedding planner: Eunice Bravo Weddings

Photography: Take It Photo

Videographer: Ruiz Films

Makeup: Andrea Vlaovich

Mehndi: Lemons and Mehndi

Flowers: Casa Selva

Décor: Zuniga Deco Cancun

DJ: DJ Sunny P Events Beats by Jay

Content Creator: Via Sim

Shivani and Nilan’s fairy-tale wedding in Los Cabos was a testament to their inspiring love for each other, their family and friends. They kicked off their marriage with a wedding week that shared their love story in beautiful ways throughout each event. And while the wedding is done, the next chapter promises to be even more spectacular.

We are so happy to have been a part of the wedding journey of such a wonderful couple. We know that their future will be full of love, laughter and happiness of all kinds together.

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