Monika and Rajiv’s Cherished South Asian Destination Wedding at Hard Rock Riviera Maya Resort in Mexico

South Asian Destination Wedding Hard Rock Riviera Maya

There was a moment in Monika and Rajiv’s wedding week during their haldi at Hard Rock Riviera Maya that had everyone melting. It was the look they gave each other as showers of bright yellow flowers poured over them during their haldi. It was that knowing look a future husband and wife share that is more than just about romance.

South Asian Destination Wedding Hard Rock Riviera MayaIt’s the kind of look you give when you have 100% certainty that the person you are about to marry is the only one you want for the rest of your life. It’s a look that echoes the bond formed little by little over time from the first “hello” to “Will you marry me?” And while they were surrounded by cheering friends and family, you could just tell that for them, it felt like it was just the two of them in that moment.

This was the beginnings of a wedding week that brought together friends and family to celebrate the depth of Monika and Rajiv’s love for each other in a tropical paradise. Read on to get the details of their heart-felt wedding and get best practices you can use for your future destination wedding.

Before thinking of where you want to have your destination wedding, it helps to work with pros you can help you narrow down the right destination. In Mexico and the Caribbean there are many resorts but not all are the same. And once you find some that catch your eye, you have to figure out which ones truly understand and have experience with South Asian weddings.

South Asian Destination Wedding Hard Rock Riviera MayaThat’s where we come in. We worked with Monika and Rajiv to quickly settle on the perfect destination and resort for them using our signature Resort Match Finder process. We recommended Riviera Maya, Mexico for its beautiful scenery, proximity to attractions, accessibility and the number of resorts available that have experience with South Asian weddings.

From there, we matched them to the Hard Rock Riviera Maya resort which fit their overall vision and space needs. Plus, it offered a generous number of amenities that would make anyone on their guest list, regardless of age, have a wonderful time.

When you start the process of finding vendors for your destination wedding, make sure to include a wedding travel agency that has the experience, process and connections to find the right resort and deals for your weddings.

South Asian Destination Wedding Hard Rock Riviera MayaMonika and Rajiv worked with Pyaar Planning who worked tirelessly on every detail of their wedding to ensure it was everything they wanted and deserved. We love recommending this to our clients as they make the destination wedding process feel easy.

With their extensive contacts, they are able to create an experience that makes both couples and their guests have an incredible time during the wedding week. When hiring wedding planners, look for ones that have a strong team in place that is responsive to you. You want a team that not only has the experience but is one that will be a pleasure to work with in the future.

Having a photography team for your destination wedding that will capture every event perfectly requires real artistry. That’s why Monika and Rajiv worked with Saptapadi Weddings (including Hector Gonzalez).

They have taken photos at many South Asian destination weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean so they are skilled in knowing which moments will be especially important to include in a photo album. Many South Asian weddings are large but this team knows how to handle that effortlessly while still getting the shots that are full of emotion.

South Asian Destination Wedding Hard Rock Riviera MayaAs you look for a wedding photographer, you’ll want to book someone that you like fairly quickly. The best ones fill up their available dates fast and you don’t want to wait too long before securing them.

Saptapadi Films, the sister company of Saptapadi Weddings, was also on hand to tell Monika and Rajiv’s wedding story. They create wedding videos that are a visual feast for the eyes filled with vibrant colors, action and music that together make it feel like a feature film.

Their aim is to always keep their eye out for those unpredictable moments in weddings that show the bond between the bride, groom and their guests so well. When you start looking for a videography team, you should consider asking your photography team, wedding travel agency or wedding planner for recommendations.

Often, these three professionals have lists of photographers they loved working with in the past so they know which ones provide quality work. You may also find companies that offer both the videography and photography under one roof making it easy to cross of two things from your list.

When it came to the glam team, Monika was pampered by Dani Delgado for hair and makeup and the team at Lemons and Mehndi for the mehndi. There’s no question that choosing the right team members that understand how to executive South Asian glam looks for weddings is critical. This is one part of the wedding budget that is especially important in order to make sure brides look and feel good in photos and video footage.

South Asian Destination Wedding Hard Rock Riviera MayaA solid glam team will know how to apply makeup and do hair so that it stands up to all the dancing, sweating and moving brides do throughout the wedding week. And, since tropical weather can be unpredictable, it helps to have a team who knows how to create a look that will stand up to almost anything.

Both Dani and the Lemons and Mehndi team have impressive portfolios full of happy clients because they have an abundance of experience with South Asian weddings. Dani and her makeup artists know how to make the entire glam experience feel relaxing for brides and they create looks that emphasize the uniquely beautiful features of each bride.

The Lemons and Mehndi team also does a wonderful job of applying the henna so that it looks delicate, beautiful and elegant. They get to know clients and help them select patterns that work with their outfits and overall sense of style. To find the best beauty team, consider looking on social media, especially Instagram, where pros post their best work.

Creating the perfect atmosphere during the wedding week can transform any wedding space into a chic one. And since photo and video teams take so many pictures and video footage during weddings, you want the backdrop to look beautiful.

Monika and Rajiv worked with Zuniga Deco Cancun for their wedding décor needs and Tulipania to achieve this for their wedding. Working together, these teams made every wedding event feel regal and majestic.

Their use of color, texture and space shows that they are truly professionals in their field. They give clients many choices and help them select the elements that will work for their budget, space and vision.

To find excellent vendors for décor and flowers, often the resort can give you great suggestions as they have preferred vendors they work with already. This means that the professionals you choose will already know that resort and spaces available there so they can produce their best work for you.

When it comes to having a memorable wedding, having a DJ that knows how to get the crowd pumped up is crucial. That’s Monika and Rajiv chose DJ Raj Singh for their wedding entertainment. He travels internationally but has done many South Asian weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean.

So, when it came to taking the excitement to the next level, he did so effortlessly. The crowd loved how he smoothly blended new and classic hits throughout the evening so that it made it impossible to stay seated.

As you choose your wedding DJ, ensure you pick one that is responsive and can help you in creating a list of must-have songs for your reception. A true pro will be happy to do so and will make the process easy.

A wedding as amazing as Monika and Rajiv’s comes together with the help of unbeatable vendor partners. We thank the following vendors who took great care of our clients.

Travel concierge: Indian Destination Wedding

Wedding planner: Pyaar Planning

Photography: Saptapadi Weddings with Hector Gonzalez

Videography: Saptapadi Films

Makeup: Dani Delgado

Mehndi: Lemons and Mehndi

Decor: Zuniga Deco Cancun

Flowers: Tulipania

DJ: Raj Singh

Monika and Rajiv’s wedding brought together everyone they loved in a week that was filled with happy tears, hugs, and laughter. Every moment between them showed the profound beauty of finding and getting to marry the one you really love.

Joining two hearts, two families and two futures together, Monika and Rajiv had the wedding that was as beautiful as their bond.

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