Swathy and Abhishek’s Heart-Warming Wedding in Cancun, Mexico

South Asian Destination Wedding at Moon Palace Cancun Mexico

We couldn’t help but melt when we saw Swathy and Abhishek’s engagement photos. So, when their wedding day finally came, we knew we were in for a wedding that would be heart-warming, special and full of love. And that’s exactly what happened when this beautiful couple had their destination wedding in Cancun.

Read on to see the excellent decisions they made that helped them create an experience for their guests that was unforgettable from beginning to end.

South Asian Destination Wedding at Moon Palace Cancun MexicoAs part of our client process, we help match clients to the perfect destination and resort that is right for their vision for their wedding. After hearing their wants and needs, it was clear that Swathy and Abhishek would benefit from a resort that would offer excellent service to their guests and would be big enough but still offer a sense of coziness.

We suggested Moon Palace Cancun, a resort that has established itself as an expert in South Asian weddings. This resort offers everything they wanted plus incredible scenery that served as the perfect backdrop for their wedding portraits as well as amenities that made the entire experience especially exciting.

Here are the key takeaways that helped make their wedding especially beautiful and enjoyable.

  • Swathy and Abhishek chose to work with pro South Asian wedding photographer, Federico Salmeron. He manages to capture those especially tender moments and we love his use of perspective to create shots have interesting angles.
  • As you pick your wedding photographer, think about whether their style of photography matches what you have in mind. Ask to see several client photo album samples so you can get a sense of whether their quality is consistent.
  • The videography team at Saptapadi Weddings carefully captured the tender moments of their wedding. Video production is an important and the team at Art Dealers Films expertly produced the wedding video. Together, these teams were able to create something that felt like one was watching scenes from a romantic movie.
  • This team has an especially sharp eye and can get the moments that tell the couple’s story so beautifully. They also work hard to get videos done quickly for clients and they love to celebrate each one. As you consider your videography team, ask them about their turnaround times for videos and how many other weddings they will be handling around yours as well.
  • You want a team that will not be too busy to produce what they need to for you. You also want to know how experienced they are with South Asian weddings since our weddings tend to have many events and larger guest lists. You’ll want to also consider how you feel overall. Is this a team that seems to want to hear your opinions? Are they responsive throughout the selection process?
  • Swathy’s detailed mehndi designs were courtesy of the wonderful Loto Mehndi team. We love that they take their craft seriously and work hard to create designs that are gorgeous, meaningful, and impeccable.
  • As you choose your mehndi artist, consider asking how long they typically take to do designs so you can know what to expect. It’s helpful to have some ideas of the styles you like but you can also work with the artist to create something unique together.
  • Swathy was already a striking woman and the team at Styling Trio brought out her beautiful features making her an especially stunning bride. We love that the colors really brought out her eyes! As you choose your glam team, look for one that is well-versed in South Asian weddings.
  • You’ll want one that can execute any look. Review their past client work to get a sense of their level of creativity. You want makeup artists that will create looks that are unique to each client’s features and create them to show up well on camera. Remember that tropical weather can affect your makeup if it isn’t applied properly and with the right tools.
  • Choose the team that has experience with makeup application in tropical areas and can demonstrate how they will help your makeup stay looking fresh.
  • When it came time for entertainment, our clients chose the popular Drums in Paradise team for their wedding. They have significant experience with South Asian weddings and they are especially wonderful when it comes to bringing an element of excitement to your reception. When you think of your wedding, consider an entertainment company that can offer you many options for your reception.
  • The wedding décor was especially breath-taking thanks to the hard work of the team at Zuniga Deco Cancun. They have a design style that looks luxurious and creates an atmosphere for each of your wedding events that will impress your guests.
  • As you choose your décor team, pick the one that can show that they can work with any space they have whether it’s a very large ballroom or a smaller location for a ceremony. Ideally, they will find ways to bring your vision to life no matter what budget you have and they will ask thoughtful questions that show that understand that their work is part of a bigger picture.

As you can see, Swathy and Abhishek’s wedding was romantic and elegant. They were able to create an experience that made every moment of their wedding week special. We are so thrilled to have been a part of their wedding journey and we wish them all the best as husband and wife!

A wedding this wonderful happens when you have incredible vendor partners. We are grateful to the teams who helped take good care of Swathy and Abhishek.

Photo: Federico Salmeron

Video: Saptapadi Weddings

Video production: Art Dealers Films

Mehndi: Loto Mehndi

Make-Up: Styling Trio

Show: Drums in Paradise

Deco: Zuniga Deco Cancun

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