How to Choose the Right Destination for Your Destination Wedding

Deciding to have a destination wedding is just the first step in creating a ceremony and reception that you’ll cherish and remember for a lifetime.

But how do you decide where to hold your destination wedding? With so many gorgeous settings across the globe – from mountaintops to beaches and rainforests – settling down on just one destination can be incredibly overwhelming.

But before you give up your big plans and settle for something more conventional, it’s a good idea to take our step-by-step approach to narrowing down the field so that your big day has the setting you’ve always dreamed of.


First, always start with a budget


There are many expenses that come with planning and executing a destination wedding, with airfare being just the tip of the iceberg.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the amenities of a top-notch resort. There are some destinations around the globe where your dollars will go a lot further. For example, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean are teeming with stunning beachfront resorts that represent all the best in luxury, without the costs.


Now, turn to size


Once you determine your budget – which might help you narrow down your search to a region of the world – you can focus on the size of your wedding. Having a firm number will help you with both your wedding and hotel of choice.

A smaller wedding will open up the choice of destinations, as your closest friends and family members will be more likely to spend more for a faraway destination.

For a larger wedding, however, we recommend you choose a Caribbean resort with all-inclusive amenities, tons of dining options, and endless family-friendly activities.


Don’t forget about the kids!


If your wedding will be an adults-only affair, then there are plenty of romantic five-star spots all over the world with everything from butler service to swim-up pool bars.

Not having a kid-friendly wedding will make it easier – and cheaper – for your guest list of adults to pick up and go anywhere in the world, so your dream location choices really open up.

But, if you want the kids to take part in your festivities, then opt for a location with family-friendly accommodations and restaurants, as well as kids’ clubs and babysitting when the adults want to have some alone time.


Finally, choose your dream landscape


Many couples pick this as their first step when choosing their destination wedding. But that’s when and why these couples get so overwhelmed. By first going through the steps above, you can have a clearer picture of what’s logistically possible and realistic for you and your guests.

Do you envision saying “I do” on the white-sand shores of the Caribbean? Do you want to be surrounded by Central America’s ancient ruins and rainforests? Perhaps you’ve dreamed about Tahiti’s thatched roof villas and turquoise water?

Once you’ve narrowed down details from budgets to guests lists, the fun part comes into play: deciding on the destination itself.


See some of our top wedding destination locations now!


Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and trade up sandy shores for city lights, or leaving land behind altogether and taking to the open seas for a ceremony on board a cruise ship.

In other words, the whole world is in your hands. Instead of getting overwhelmed, get excited, and then, get support. The team here at Indian Destination Wedding can talk you through the process and help you choose the idyllic destination wedding location for your big day.

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