How To Find A True All-inclusive Resort For Your Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding is extremely time-consuming. But planning a destination wedding, well, that’s just about one of the most stressful things a young couple can do, especially if you’re stuck having to keep track of every single expense, right on down to the number of roses in your bouquet.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. Many resorts offer an all-inclusive option for wedding parties. While many couples instinctively shy away from this all-inclusive option (for fear that it’s pricy or too rigid to adapt to their needs) the reality is, if you find the right resort, choosing the all-inclusive package could be your best move yet!


So, what does all-inclusive mean?


There are varying definitions of all-inclusive, but generally speaking, it means you’ll pay one flat-feet to cover your room, meals, drinks, entertainment, tips, taxes, airport transfers and a list of activities.

When choosing an all-inclusive resort, avoid those that have stipulations such as “only good for breakfast and dinner” or “not good for drinks.” If you decide to go the all-inclusive route, you should go all in.

In short, when you find an all-inclusive resort, some of the things you shouldn’t expect to be included are:


* Airfare
* Gift shop goodies
* Departure taxes
* Phone calls
* Off-site car rentals
* Off-site spa treatments


Aside from that, everything else should be paid for.


Why would you want to book an all-inclusive resort for your destination wedding?


More times than not, all-inclusive rates save you up to 25% off the cost of a vacation. You’ll also avoid any budget-busting surprises or charges.

If your all-inclusive resort includes tips (as it should) then you’ll no longer have to worry about carrying cash on hand every time you order a drink. You’ll also get to try out lots of new sports, activities (and drinks!) at your resort, because they’re all included in your flat fee. In fact, you’re more likely to try out new things because your goal is to get the most for your money.

One of the most attractive aspects of booking an all-inclusive resort is that it simplifies the process of planning your destination wedding. Most resorts have wedding packages as well as on-site planners to help you turn your dream into a reality.


Why you might not want an all-inclusive resort


If you know you’ll want to venture away from your resort, then the all-inclusive package may not be right for you. That’s because you’ll likely not want to spend extra money trying out the local cuisine and experiencing the local culture if you already paid for your amenities through your resort. (If you’re on a remote coast or island, however, this is less of an issue).

Also, if your resort doesn’t have a ton of options (for food, entertainment, activities) then you risk getting bored. Make sure your all-inclusive resort has plenty of options so you’ll remain entertained for your entire stay.


Is an all-inclusive resort right for you?


In the end, this is a highly personal decision; however, the travel agents here at Indian Destination Wedding can talk you through the advantages and disadvantages, as well as show you some of the resorts we have special relationships with.

Regardless of if you choose an all-inclusive resort or not, our team will make sure your destination wedding is a breeze to plan, and a dream come true.

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