Wedding Makeup Tips: Interview with SBS Salon


Having a great photographer can make your South Asian wedding pictures look fabulous. But it all first starts with having an excellent makeup artist and hair stylist who knows how to bring out your best features for the camera. That’s where Swati and Reeti over at SBS Salon do for their clients (and so much more!)

Swati is an accomplished makeup artist and hair stylist who opened up her own salon at just 25 years old. She’s worked with clients across many cultures including South Asian, Afghani and American beauties. In our interview with Swati, we had the pleasure of getting an insider’s look into what it takes to bring out the best in each bride on their wedding day.

  1. Tell us about SBS Salon, the services you offer and what you love most about being a makeup artist and hair stylist.

We offer bridal hair and makeup for weddings all across the globe. We also have a full-service salon located in Fairfax, VA! What we love the most about our profession is the people we meet. We love meeting so many different people from various backgrounds. Doing hair and makeup for our clients’ special occasions is always such a happy feeling. When our clients see the end results, that’s the most rewarding moment in the world.

IDW: We love how just a little bit of makeup can make any woman feel even more beautiful, too! And we know that when they see everything come together is so sweet. You are so lucky to be a part of a moment like that!

  1. What are your three best pieces of advice when it comes to choosing a wedding look for a destination wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean?

Here is what we recommend:

  • Pick hair styles that will be away from your face if we are outside. It’s always windy in places like this, hair in the eyes can ruin your makeup and hair.
  • Always find outfits that are not hard to walk in because extremely heavy outfits can make it uncomfortable for the bride. There is a lot of places in Mexico where you will have to walk to get perfect pics near the beach. Having a comfortable outfit can make the day go really smoothly!
  • Makeup looks should be matte since it’s hot and humid. This way the makeup will last all day. Don’t go for very dewy looks because the makeup will oxidize throughout the day and naturally become dewy on its own. Always good to start with a more mattifying look.

IDW: Yes! Oxidized makeup also changes color so ensuring you pick a look that will keep it from doing that is especially key. Thank you for pointing that out to our readers!

  1. Mexico and the Caribbean has lots of sunshine and breeze of course. Are there any particular products you love to use for makeup to keep the brides looking fresh throughout their wedding day?
  • Setting Spray Mist to keep the makeup intact. Mac Fix Plus is a great option.
  • Blotting sheets to dab any oil or sweat off without ruining the makeup. Boscia Blotting Paper is the one we love.
  • Compact powder (any setting powder is great to keep handy) I love the Charlotte Tilbury setting powder to re-touch the face a little while doing pictures.

IDW: You are so right: these products can make a big difference. Your recommendations are spot on!

  1. A lot of people wear lighter colors for destination weddings but many brides love wearing red since it’s such a traditional color in South Asian weddings. Are there any particular red lipsticks that look good across all or most skin tones?

Our favorite red lipstick has to be Mary Jo K by Kylie Cosmetics. Lady Balls from Too Faced Cosmetics is also excellent.

IDW: A classic red lip is always so beautiful! Thanks for telling us some of the ones you love to use with your clients.

  1. What sets you apart from other makeup artists that a bride might be considering?

We are a team and that’s what sets us apart from a single solo makeup and hair artist. We can accommodate more people in a wedding and brides love that. They also like that we are a sister duo team. A lot of people like the idea of a family-owned business.

IDW: Being a family-owned business is very special because brides know that you will work well together and you are committed to giving a great experience.

  1. What is the process like when a bride chooses to work with you?

Most people email us, and nowadays a lot of people book without needing a trial before they book because they have heard our name before and or have seen us work another wedding they attended. They pay a deposit and sign a contract. The date is secured then. Most brides want a trial after they have booked because that is when they have picked their outfits and they can ensure their look goes with their outfit.

IDW: That’s actually very smart to hold off on the trial. That helps ensure that you’ll have a look that is going to work well for your wedding day!

  1. How do you find inspiration for the bridal looks you create?

Our brides are our biggest inspiration and they usually show us the inspiration they have according to their outfits. We make their inspiration come to life.

IDW: We love that because that means you are ensuring the look fits their vision but also their own unique beauty.

  1. How far in advance should the couple book their beauty team?

One year in advance is ideal.

IDW: This makes sense because the good makeup artists like you get booked so quickly so it’s best to lock them in as early as possible!

  1. How do you ensure that you and the bride are the right fit for each other? We always like to meet our beautiful brides in person to ensure we have a connection for their big day. We get brides who like our style of hair and makeup through our social media and referrals. Referrals are big for us!

IDW: Having a good connection is so key to ensuring the entire experience runs smoothly. Getting a chance to meet in person is very helpful!

  1. Is there anything you recommend brides do in the days before their appointment with you to ensure their skin is ready for your magic?
  • We always recommend to stay hydrated
  • Be well rested for the big day
  • Use hydration masks 2-3 times a week 1-2 months prior
  • We recommend that all facials and chemical peels should be done 1 month prior so there are no random breakouts or peeling.
  • Hydra facials are awesome for brides because it adds so much hydration and helps the skin feel clean and fresh. We recommend you start doing them 3-6 months prior to the wedding. Three facials would be ideal prior to the wedding.

IDW: We loved hearing your wonderful makeup tips! Thank you so much to you and your team for helping to make our brides look and feel their most beautiful.

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