Komal and Antony’s Wedding: Key Takeaways from a Beachfront Wedding


Playacar-Palace-South-Asian-Destination-Wedding-CollageIf you have been thinking of having a beachfront wedding, then you’ll enjoy reading the key takeaways from Komal and Antony’s lovely wedding. Our beautiful clients got married right on the beach at Playacar Palace in Playa del Carmen, Mexico which is an intimate luxury hotel overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

South Asian weddings at Playacar Palace

South Asian weddings in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

As you can see from the shots from the wedding, expertly taken by DreamArt Photography, Komal and Antony combined the relaxed vibe of the island with touches of glamour through their outfits and décor.   Read the highlights below to get some key takeaways that will help you as you think about your own wedding plans.

  • The excellent makeup artists at MVP Hair & Make Up Artistry did a beautiful job of prepping Komal’s skin and makeup to make sure it could withstand any heat or sweat on throughout the wedding celebrations. As you think about your own wedding, make sure you choose an artist that is well-versed in doing makeup for beachfront weddings.
  • The team went for a neutral eye look and paired it with berry lips which allowed Komal’s beautiful features shine without getting overpowered.
  • Stay true to your personal style while keeping the tropical weather in mind. Komal wore a glamorous mermaid wedding dress with a beaded belt as an accent which showed off her elegant and chic style. However, her dress was also strapless so it also allowed her to stay cool. Balancing fashion with comfort like this helped her enjoy her wedding while looking absolutely stunning!
  • Komal chose to have her bridesmaids wear bright sapphire blue which was reminiscent of the color of the ocean. This was an excellent choice as it complimented each woman’s beautiful skin tone and also helped Komal stand out in her dress.   Their dresses also had something special: a soft lace overlay near the top portion that echoed the lace detail in Komal’s dress. This helped visually bring together the bridal party and bride so that they all looked perfect together in the photos. When you decide on your wedding colors, don’t be afraid to go for tropical, bold colors for your bridesmaids and make sure to keep in mind what hues will make your bridal party shine.
  • We loved that the décor that Komal and Antony chose for their wedding inspired by the colors of a peacock. While you can make your destination wedding as luxurious or as simple as you’d like, beachfront weddings have a more relaxed vibe. We love how the couple, with the help of GAMA Company, chose unique green floral arrangements and long peacock feathers to make it feel softly luxurious.
  • As with any beachfront ceremony, you’ll want to make sure your resort gives you options in case the weather changes. You’ll need to pick a resort that is ready to assist and has backup options ready to go.
  • That’s where we come in. We can help you narrow down your venue options to the ones that are best for beachfront ceremonies that also have experience with South Asian weddings. We can help you find the right one that has everything you need in case last-minute changes have to happen due to weather.
  • Beachfront ceremonies also require that you offer your guests some way of staying cool depending on when you choose to have your wedding. Many brides ensure guests receive paper fans or shade during their ceremony.
  • Contact us to learn about the different options the resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean have to keep you and your guests comfortable for your wedding.
  • One of the best parts of having a beachfront wedding is taking the group photo in front of the ocean.   This is where guests can really let their excitement shine and it makes for a memorable photo for your wedding album.   Your photographer should encourage everyone to have fun and let loose here to achieve the best shot!
  • We also love the portraits of the wedding parties on the beach after the ceremony. It helped the wedding album have a playful tone to it and allowed everyone to really be in the moment.
  • The couple held their ceremony indoors in the ballroom which is a nice way of helping guests cool off. Some couples choose to have an outdoor ceremony as well but this will depend on the time of year you choose to have your wedding among other details. For the best guidance, contact us and we can give you information that can help you make the best decisions for your South Asian wedding plans.
  • After spending time outdoors at the beach for your reception, your guests may be tired so picking a DJ that will re-energize them is especially important if you are doing a beachfront ceremony. The couple wisely chose to book their lighting and DJ through JSAV Audiovisual Services. These are two simple elements of a wedding that are crucial to creating the right tone for your guests. The lights will set the right ambiance and the DJ will get them excited and ready to dance (and keep dancing!)

Beachfront weddings are incredibly fun and they are even better when you have the right vendors by your side. We are grateful to have worked with the following teams to help make Komal and Antony’s wedding a true success.

Travel Concierge: Indian Destination Wedding

Resort: Playacar Palace

Hair & Makeup: MVP Hair & Make Up Artistry

Floral & Decor: GAMA Company

Catering: Playacar Palace

DJ: JSAV Audiovisual Services

Cinematography: DreamArt Photography

Lighting: JSAV Audiovisual Services

Photographer: DreamArt Photography

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