Anish and Tania’s Wedding: Key Takeaways from a Stunning Fusion Wedding


Anish and Tania had the kind of love story that you don’t hear every day. It was really straight “from the movies” as his father said during his speech at the wedding reception. When they met, Tania didn’t know English and Anish didn’t know Spanish. But somehow, they made it work and have built a love that is unbreakable.

Their wedding at the JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa was full of warmth, charm, and deep love from family and friends as you’ll see in the pictures taken by Fine Art Productions.

South Asian weddings in Cancun

South Asian weddings at JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa

Here are some key takeaways you can incorporate into your own wedding:

  • You’ll notice that in some of the pre-wedding photos, Anish and Tania chose to wear simple, laid-back clothing styles which perfectly echoes the tropical vibe of their destination wedding. Don’t be afraid to do the same in your photos!
  • We love how Anish and Tania also took several pictures surrounded by candle light. This helped give a sense of warmth, closeness, and peace during the shoot that echoed who they are as a couple. This is an excellent way to add some richness and variety to your wedding album!
  • One of the top things we tell our clients when choosing their resort is to find one that has beautiful spots that resonate with them. This helps ensure you have many location options for your portraits. As you can see from Anish and Tania’s photos, they made good use of the special places on the JW Marriott property such as the gazebo and beachfront lounge areas.
  • The couple’s choice of using orange as one of their wedding colors perfectly complimented the other colors in their wedding and helped add warmth to the wedding. From the pre-wedding shows to the flowers in the ceremony to Tania’s outfit at the reception, they blended in orange very well.
  • For their décor, Anish and Tania decided to add full bunches of flowers to the gazebo and accented it with red and white fabric. This helped show the beauty of the structure without needing to go over the top. Since this was an ocean-front ceremony, there was already quite a beautiful scenery so not as much décor was needed here. For your own wedding, consider your wedding budget and location of the ceremony when deciding how much décor you’ll have as well.
  • The couple had fans at the seat of each guest during the ceremony—a wise choice for anyone doing an outdoor wedding in the tropics! For your ceremony, we recommend offering guests fans or water bottles to help keep them cool.
  • After the ceremony, Anish and Tania took beautiful portraits by the water. One particularly lovely one showed how the wind gently lifted up Tania’s veil. In another, we see a view of back of the couple as they enjoy the ocean together. For your wedding, it’s important to get shots like these as they will be ones you’ll treasure for a long time.
  • The candid moments from Anish and Tania’s wedding made their wedding album especially sweet. We love the shots below showing Tania and Anish’s smiles during the reception as they look out at the crowd or the look Tania gives Anish during their ceremony. These are the special moments that show the real love the couple have for their friends, family and each other so it’s important to capture that.
  • Planet DJ Productions helped get the crowd moving at the reception with both their excellent DJ and their Dhol player. Dhol players are especially fun to introduce at the reception as a surprise to your guests.

We are grateful for our vendor partners:

Travel Concierge: Indian Destination Wedding

Resort: JW Marriott Cancun

Photography/Videography: Fine Art Productions

Dhol player and DJ: Planet DJ Productions

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