Why Should You Use a Travel Agent?

The internet, and Google, more specifically, has made life easier for anyone looking for answers to nearly any question under the sun:

– How far away is Pluto? Google it.
– How do I make homemade guacamole? Google it.
– What do I have if I have itchy eyes, a sore throat, and a headache? Google it.

It’s perfectly reasonable, then, to assume that Google could also help you find the very best options when it comes to booking your vacation. In other words, Google can completely replace your travel agent, right?


There are so many reasons why you should consider using a travel agent, not least of which is that travel agents have access to unique deals and partnerships with hotels and resorts across the globe.

While many people think that working with a travel agent will cost them money, the reality is, most folks save money when they work with an agent.

Can travel agents really save you money?


The simple answer is: yes they can. The not-so-simple answer is: you bet they can. Here’s why:

Most travel agents don’t charge customers for their services. That means you’re getting the expertise and manpower of an experienced agent, without having to pay anything out of pocket.

But how is this even possible?

Most reputable travel agents are paid for their services through hotels and wholesalers, from relationships these agents have built over the years.

Not only will you not pay your agent for his or her work, but you’ll benefit from the unique savings they get as a result of these long-standing partnerships.

But still, isn’t it easier to just spend a few minutes online? When should I use a travel agent?

That’s a great question. If you’re just booking a trip back home to see your family, you probably don’t need a travel agent.

If you’re booking a one-night stay for a business conference, you also probably don’t need a travel agent.

Here are three scenarios in which you are better off working with an experienced travel agent:

If you’re traveling with a group

If you’re trying to create a travel itinerary for multiple people, it’s always easier to lean on the advice of a travel agent.

We see this regularly with wedding parties and family reunions: there are dozens, if not hundreds, of people booking flights to faraway lands. Managing all that can become overwhelming. Not to mention you can all but guarantee that something will go wrong along the way.

Travel agents are well versed in dealing with the messiness of large-group traveling. They also tend to assign multiple agents to these types of large-guest events to ensure everything goes off without a hitch, even if there are last-minute changes or cancellations.

If you haven’t quite yet chosen where you want to go

For every client we have who knows exactly what type of travel experience she wants, we get as many clients who know they want to go away, they just don’t know where to.

Perhaps you’re looking to book a family getaway but can’t choose between regions of the world. Working with an agent, you can narrow down your search based on certain limitations or expectations you have. And you won’t just get impersonal reviews from strangers online; travel agents typically have firsthand experience of each of the cities and hotels they recommend.

Work with a travel agent whenever you plan to travel abroad

No one expects things to go wrong during their vacation, destination wedding, or family reunion overseas.

But do you really want to take the chance? Whenever you plan to travel outside of the country, it’s always a good idea to go through a travel agent.

An agent will answer all of your questions, and will be just a phone call away throughout your journey.

Your agent will also know everything you’ll need to get (paperwork, shots, insurance, etc.) before you travel, so that you can spend your time away enjoying yourself, rather than worrying.

Even in the digital age, using a travel agent just makes sense

We’ll be the first ones to admit that you don’t need to hire a travel agent for all of your travel needs. But it is important to know that sifting through online reviews and filtered photographs of landscapes isn’t enough for those larger than life journeys you hope to go on.

Destination weddings. Family reunions. A family getaway to a faraway place. Each of these offer the opportunity of a memorable moment you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

The only way to make sure everything goes as planned is to put your trust in the hands of an expert, and hire a travel agent.

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