Wedding Planning During COVID: How to Make Sure Your Wedding Plans Run Smoothly

The pandemic has changed our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine but if you are planning to get married, it is especially difficult. As we’ve been helping clients navigate through all of the decisions and details, we thought you might like to know what you need to consider too as you make your plans in these complicated times. These are our top tips to making the wedding process run smoothly!

  1. Hire help. Now more than ever, having an expert on your side to help you with choosing your venue and managing travel logistics is going to be crucial. Not all resorts are open and not all of them have the same rules and policies in place. And you’ll want to have a clear understanding of all of the updated terms and conditions that resorts now have in places as a result of the pandemic. In order to have the smoothest wedding planning and wedding experience possible, hire a pro!
  2. Pick your venue for next year as soon as you can. Venues are filling up quickly for next year. We can help you create a list of potential vendors based on your priorities, vision and budget. You’ll want to set up site tours if you can but some resorts do offer virtual tours so you can get a good sense of what you can expect. And remember: If a vendor says that they have other couples interested in having their wedding on the date you have in mind, believe them. This isn’t a sales gimmick, it’s just a fact: places are booking up fast.
  3. Book new vendors as quickly as you can as well. Vendors of all kinds will get booked quickly as well. If you need to look for a new vendor because your current one won’t be available for your date, make sure to lock in someone else fast. You’ll want to be very clear about their policies regarding deposits, cancellations and travel as many have updated their contracts as a result of the pandemic.
  4. Consider looking into larger venues for as many of your wedding celebrations as possible. Pre-pandemic, it made sense to pick a venue that matched the estimated guest count. But with new regulations in place, we recommend choosing options that are will accommodate a slightly larger number of guests. Why? You’ll have a more spacious layout. You’ll have more seating space which means you can space out chairs and tables even more so for added comfort and safety. It will all depend on how the rules change as we get to 2021. A larger dance floor will also be helpful for this same reason.
  5. Consider an outdoor ceremony and reception. Most of our brides choose to take advantage of the beautiful scenery outdoors for their ceremony. But some also have their other celebrations outside as well. Since pandemic experts have shared that COVID-19 is less likely to spread if people are outdoors, it makes sense to plan for as much as of your celebrations to be outdoors as you can. Of course, you’ll want to know how your resort will accommodate if the weather changes so make sure to talk to your wedding planner about this as well.
  6. Once you’ve picked your vendors, stay connected to them. Things have changed for everyone and vendors are working hard to be flexible. Find out about any changes in their policies and how flexible they can be about any pertinent minimums and change of dates. You’ll also need to know their policies as they relate to deposits. Would they charge to reschedule? Are deposits non-refundable? As you settle on the ones you like, you’ll want to be in communication with them so everyone is on the same page.
  7. Consider making some or all of your event virtual. The pandemic has made it particularly tough on people who are older or who have pre-existing conditions. This means that some guests might not be able to travel. However, may wedding videographers are offering options to livestream so that those who can’t come to the wedding can still watch it live from home.
  8. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. The pandemic has taken a toll on many people and it’s important to take care of your own needs as well. Order in when you are too tired to cook. Have a virtual happy hour with your friends via Zoom. Crank up your favorite music and dance the stress away. Or, you might just need a nice bubble bath. Whatever will help you feel better in the moment is what matters most. Because we will all get through this and how you take care of yourself will help you get through it as well as possible!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips. If you haven’t yet figured out your wedding details and have recently gotten engaged, we can help make you find the perfect venue, connect you with vendors experienced in South Asian weddings and create travel plans for you and your guests.

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