Tej and Gaurav’s Dreamy Wedding at The Grand at Moon Palace

South Asian Weddings The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun Mexico

South Asian Weddings The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun MexicoThe glowing pink neon sign above where Tej and Gaurav sat for their sangeet said, “Together is our favorite place to be.” And after the beautiful wedding this couple had at The Grand at Moon Palace, we can see why! No matter which picture you see from the wedding, one thing is clear: these two have a very special love where their happiest place is being next to each other.

Their wedding had so many great takeaways so if you have been thinking of having a beach wedding in Mexico, this one is for you. Read on to learn how this couple put on such a dreamy wedding!

Tej and Gaurav started their journey by working with our talented team to figure out their destination and the right resort for their vision. No two resorts are the same and part of the planning involved looking at aspects such as how many guests they expect, whether they need a family-friendly resort or not, wheel chair accessibility for any guests and how much space they needed for each of their events.

We also like knowing what the vision is for the wedding overall. Do they want one that is glamorous or more laid back? Do they plan to have a very traditional wedding or go for something more modern? And lastly, how do they want their guests to feel? These and other details help us guide the couple so they find a place that doesn’t just fit their budget but also their dream for their big day.

South Asian Weddings The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun MexicoThey also worked with the incredible Jane & Co. Events for their wedding planning needs. Jane has a way of making brides feel so comfortable throughout their wedding week and she treats her clients as though they were her own family member getting married.

It wasn’t uncommon to see Jane giving Tej long hugs and lots of compliments throughout their time together. It’s just one of the things that helped make the destination wedding a wonderful experience for everyone.

During the welcome night, Tej wore a whimsical white outfit complete with pants, beaded crop top, and a white feather-accented vest with a long, elegant train. It was bold, romantic and stylish: perfect for a destination wedding bride! With her hair pulled up high into a bun, Tej looked like a queen.

Her sangeet night outfit was pale pink adored with embroidered flowers throughout. Wearing her hair half up, half down, Tej chose glamorous, long earrings that brought out her beautiful cheekbones and eyes.

South Asian Weddings The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun MexicoTej chose a traditional red lehenga and choli for her wedding outfit that had delicate lace and a long train. For the reception, she chose a chic outfit adorned with beading throughout in the choli and lehenga. As you decide on the outfits you’ll wear for your wedding, don’t be afraid to express your personal style. Destination weddings have no rules when it comes to clothing. You can go as glamorous or simple as you’d like as long as you are comfortable.

Danny Cuevas was the exceptional photographer for Tej and Gaurav’s wedding. What we loved about him and his team is how they really aimed to bring their passion and creativity to each moment they captured.

Danny has a knack for making every photo look magazine-worthy with rich colors, perfect angles and lighting.

As you pick your photographer, express to them what style you like most for your photos. Are there particular moments that you absolutely want to include in your wedding album? Do you like a very editorial feel to your photos? Are there any things you might feel self-conscious about that you’d like the photographer to know?

South Asian Weddings The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun MexicoAnd while many people ask to see samples of a photographer’s work, it also helps to see a full wedding gallery to get a sense of whether their shots consistently look good.

Remember that many of the shots you see on their social media accounts or websites represent only the best ones they’ve taken. But it makes a difference when you see all of the photos.

The videography for Tej and Gaurav’s wedding was by the amazing Ismael Gonzalez. His video skills are some of the best we seen and the videos capture the emotion of the week so perfectly.

What makes him especially talented is how he manages to capture the tiny moments: the beaming expression on a guest’s face as they watch a ceremony, the little smile on a mother’s face as she helps the bride put on her dress, or the way the groom looks at his bride proudly. Details like these help make for incredible wedding highlight videos.

South Asian Weddings The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun MexicoAs you select your videographer, ask to see more than just one or two samples of their work. You’ll want to know if they will have a second videographer and what happens if the person who will be filming can’t attend last minute. You should also ask if they have worked with the photographer you have chosen (if you plan on using separate companies) because you want to know how well they work with other vendors.

DJ Mani kept the crowd’s energy up during the wedding week. Mani is from Toronto but has experience with South Asian weddings in Mexico so it was no surprise that he did an incredible job at Tej and Gaurav’s wedding.

As you select your DJ, ask them what other services they have that you might want for your wedding such a lighting, photo booths and video screens.

South Asian Weddings The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun MexicoIt’s important to know if they have played at the venue you’ve chosen. If so, have they been there just once or twice or do they regularly do weddings there? Finally, don’t forget to ask what they do to motivate the crowd if the energy starts to go down.

Flowers are an important part of any weddings as they help set the tone. Tej and Gaurav chose to work with Pure Love Floral Design and this team created an incredibly romantic ambience. From the beautiful golden blooms designed to look like drapery for their haldi to the red and pink flowers accenting their sangeet night, this team made each part of the wedding feel special.

The highlight was their floral mandap! The team worked tirelessly into the twilight hours to place each flower in by hand creating a true masterpiece.

As you select your florist, ask them for their own ideas for your wedding to get a sense of their skills. Ask them if they require a minimum budget and whether they can create a sample arrangement for you. It also helps if they can do a venue walk-through with you to get an idea of how much space they will have for each of your events.

Drums in Paradise provided entertainment for the wedding include drummers for the baraat. We especially loved their fun dancers on stilts who were lid up by LED lights. Our clients who have worked with this team have raved about their professionalism and we couldn’t agree more.

As you decide on your entertainment needs, ensure you work with a team that has ample experience for weddings in Mexico or the Caribbean. If they are not based in those areas, ask them about their travel fees.

We’re incredibly grateful to be able to work with our wonderful vendor partners to help make Tej and Gaurav’s wedding a success:

Wedding travel concierge: Indian Destination Wedding

Wedding planner: Jane & Co. Events

Photography: Danny Cuevas

Videography: Ismael Gonzalez

DJ: DJ Mani

Flowers: Pure Love Floral DesignPure Love Floral Design

Entertainment: Drums in Paradise

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