Getting Wedding Day Ready: An Interview with Empowder by Amola

South Asian Destination Wedding Make up Tips

Your wedding portraits tell the story of your wedding. Looking wonderful in them means not only having a beautiful dress but the right makeup and hair that will bring out your best features. That’s why we’re excited to share the suggestions of Amola Surya, a pro makeup artist and founder of Empowder by Amola. She provided great insights into making sure you are truly ready for your wedding.

Amola Surya is a bridal beauty specialist specializing in South Asian brides. Inspired by classic tradition with a twist of modern romance, Amola is sought nationally by brides for her soft glam hair and makeup and elevated beauty experience.

  1. Tell us about Empowder by Amola, the services you offer and what you love most about being a makeup artist and hair stylist.

Empowder has been a 2017-2022 WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Award recipient. I first discovered my love for fashion and makeup while attending American University in Washington, DC and learning about skin care and makeup with a prestigious brand.  Since attaining my degree, I pursued my interest in beauty by furthering my training with Cinderella Bridez, an elite bridal makeup and hair styling team. Over the last six years, I have mastered the skills that place me at the top of my game in the profession of makeup, skin care and hair artistry. Empowder is more than just makeup. It’s about empowering women to see and feel how beautiful they really are.

IDW: We love that you stand for empowering women like this! We bet your clients feel so incredible once you’ve finished doing their hair and makeup.

  1. What should brides keep in mind when picking their hairstyle for their ceremony and reception for their destination wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean?

Brides should consider their hair type and what will last. An updated updo is perfect for a ceremony while having your hair down is a great option for the reception. But I think it all depends on the bride’s personal style. You don’t have to always stick with traditional looks.

IDW: We couldn’t agree more: your wedding portraits really share so much so ensuring your hair and makeup reflect your unique style is so important.

South Asian Destination Wedding Make up Tips

Image credit: Catch Motion Photography

  1. Can you share what are the best things a bride can do to prepare for their wedding day and for your services?

Skincare is a must to make sure the makeup looks as flawless as possible. I suggest starting 6 months to a year in advance to resolve any skin care concerns. It’s also important to at least consult with your artist on each look to make sure we’re on the same page and vision.

IDW: Very true! Skin that is in good condition makes the makeup look even better.

  1. Are there any specific products you love to use for your clients that tend to have the best staying power?

I love NARS Radiant Longwear Foundation. It looks natural, lasts long, and works for all skin types. I also love using Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless powder to set the face.

IDW: We love that you share products that are pro-worthy but also ones that consumers can get as well. Both of these are truly legendary products!

  1. What items should brides always have in their touch-up kit?

Q-tips, a touch up lip color, extra safety pins, bobby pins, and a small compact powder are musts.

IDW: These are absolutely essential! You never know which of these you might need in a pinch.

  1. What makes you different from other makeup and hair stylists?

My signature soft glam style can be described as the sweet spot between natural and full glam. My style is also inspired by classic tradition with a twist of modern romance.

IDW: We love your signature soft glam style. It really makes your clients just glow!

  1. What is the process like when a bride chooses to work with you?

I do a thorough consultation and go over the vision for each look and get to know your personal style to make sure I deliver what each bride envisions. I also ask for any inspiration photos and go over what you like or don’t like about each look to further nail down your look. If possible or preferred, we schedule a bridal preview to do one event look about three months prior to the wedding day. About a month or so before the wedding date, I work with each bride on the timeline and some prep instructions to best prep for the day of.

IDW: We appreciate that you take time with your clients to make sure you understand their vision just as we do with ours. This builds up a strong connection that makes the wedding experience with you that much more wonderful! Any bride looking for a makeup artist and hair stylist should look for that quality as they find one for their wedding.

  1. What is your best advice to brides to help them pick their makeup looks for their wedding day that will look best on them?

My best advice for brides is to figure out what your personal style is—is it more glam or natural? Also, be open to any suggestions your artist makes to make sure each look flatters your specific skin tone, features, hair type, etc.

IDW: Personal style is everything and the right makeup artist and hair stylist will know how to help you bring out your best features while still honoring your personal style.

  1. What are your favorite insider makeup artist tricks you like to use on brides to make them look their best? (For example, is there a particular order you like to layer products or two particular product you like using together that have always worked well?)

One of my secrets to a flawless soft glam application is using a mix of traditional foundation and airbrush makeup. You get more coverage with the traditional foundation but the flawless finish of airbrush makeup.

IDW: That shows how well you know your makeup! Such an excellent tip!

  1. What are your best tips to brides on finding the right makeup and hair stylist?

Find an artist that matches your personal style. If you are looking for a softer look, then an artist that posts mostly glam looks may not be the best fit. Also, pick an artist you can trust and get along with. After all, you spend hours getting ready and your artist is the first person you see on your wedding day, which sets the tone for the day. You want positive vibes!

IDW: A makeup and hair stylist is one of the few people who will see you before your biggest moments and it’s important to find the one that also brings a sense of calm around you. Having that trust goes a long way to making sure you feel good in the process!

Amola, thank you so much for sharing your expertise! We love your work and we know that anyone who chooses you will, too!

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