Palak and Neel’s Dream Wedding in Cancun, Mexico

South Asian Destination Wedding at The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun Mexico

When you have a South Asian destination wedding at a resort with the word “Grand” in it’s name, you can’t help but want to create a wedding experience that will be exactly that. So, when Palak and Neel got married at The Grand at Moon Palace, their guests got to be a part of a wedding that was a dream from beginning to end.

South Asian Destination Wedding at The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun MexicoLet’s take a look at how their wedding came together and what key takeaways you can use for your own destination wedding.

As part of the first steps in their dream wedding process, our team helped Palak and Neel decide on the right destination and resort for their vision. We take them through our resort matching process that not only considers your budget but also another key part of wedding planning that others might forget: how you want your guests to feel.

Some resorts are luxurious and opulent and offer extra touches like butler service. Others are especially fun and family-friendly with water parks, movie theaters and dedicated club houses for kids and teens. Neither is better. It just depends on the vibe you want for your wedding week celebrations.

As you consider your wedding travel concierge, you’ll want to ask about their process for helping you find the right place for your wedding. Pick a team that is not only well-versed in weddings but South Asian weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean that has connections with the resorts there.

The incredible Dream Shaadi team were the wedding planners. We know from experience that this team loves to get the details right and does an excellent job of making sure that each wedding event flows easily for the bride, groom and their guests. Since they specialize in South Asian weddings like us, they are well-versed in handling weddings of all sizes.

Destination weddings can have many moving parts and having a wedding planner on your side will help you have an organized plan in place. Plus, choosing one that is experienced means you’ll have a partner who can help you save money throughout the process.

Palak and Neel chose Saptapadi Weddings for their videography team. We have witnessed their work for many of our clients and love their cinematic videos! The couple also chose Federico Salmeron for their photography. His trademark style is that his photos are vibrant and they capture those special tiny moments that others might overlook.

As you consider your photography and videography needs, consider choosing a team that does both. They will work even better together since they are under the same company. Also, companies that offer both types of services are especially creative and have a keen eye for detail so you’ll get amazing results. Plus, they may offer special deals because you are bundling two services.

When it came to setting the perfect vibe for the wedding, the Palace Productions team did an outstanding job. As the team at the resort, they have worked with many South Asian weddings. They know how to bring out the best in any of their spaces with their décor. We love that they offer so many décor options to couples and offer thoughtful touches that make any room or location on the property feel extra special.

As you consider your décor needs, don’t forget to consider a team at the resort itself as you may be able to negotiate a great deal if you are already having your wedding there. Ask whether they will have other weddings on or around the same time as yours and how they handle that.

You’ll also want to give them your wedding color palette if you have an idea of what your wedding colors will be when you meet them. If not, let them know you are working on it and you provide that when you can so everything will coordinate nicely.

When it came to Palak’s bridal looks for each of her events, the team at Styling Trio did a brilliant job with her makeup. We love that had just enough emphasis to show up perfectly on camera and brought out her eyes so beautifully.

When you consider which makeup artists to choose, make sure they not only have experience with South Asian weddings but weddings at your particular resort. This will ensure they can navigate their way around there (especially if it’s a larger resort).

Ask about how many makeup artists will be at your wedding, how long they stay, and what happens if they are unable to make it due to an emergency. If they share that they have backup team members available, make sure you ask to meet them ahead of time.

Palak’s mehndi designs were by the wonderful team at Loto Mehndi. Their designs are always so unique to each client and we love that they do their work in a way where it gets done quickly but also with great care. Our clients have trusted this team for their weddings and their mehndi designs always look impressive.

As you choose your mehndi team, ask about how long they typically take to do their work. You’ll also want to talk about your vision for your design to see if they have additional creative feedback for you. A good mehndi designer will provide additional suggestions or be happy to share images of work they have done for others that fits what you would like for your wedding.

Neel had an especially fun feature to his baraat: A vintage car! We love that he did this because it made the baraat unique to him. Don’t be afraid to add in any special elements that will showcase your unique style.

At this wedding, they also had custom big head cutouts: large images of Neel printed on cardstock with a stick handle to carry. These are very on trend for destination weddings! They also included colorful smoke bombs during the baraat. The team at Drums in Paradise made Neel’s baraat exciting and memorable. They have done many baraat’s for our clients so we know they do a wonderful job. We love that they show up with energy and passion for what they do!

As you choose your drummers, choose the ones that have a solid team, good communication and expertise to keep your guests excited the entire time.

The DJ and MC for the events were MC Smarty and DJ Ravi from Dynasty Ave. They are another favorite team we love to recommend to our clients because of their skills and professionalism. They show up ready to make each wedding they do be a memorable occasion for the couple and their guests.

As you choose your wedding entertainment, try to see a sample of their work online by going to their social media profiles. You can ask to interview their past clients to get their honest feedback. Also, ask about other services they might have that you can bundle together.

Promedsa was the company that provided fireworks for Palak and Neel’s wedding. Fireworks can be a wonderful surprise for your guests and sometimes the bride or groom’s family may surprise the couple with this as well. We also think it can be a romantic gesture for the groom to do for the bride!

This team has experience with offering lighting services and other event support as well. If you are thinking of having fireworks, select a team that has worked with other vendors you are hiring as well so the entire experience will be seamless.

Palak and Neel’s wedding was a success thanks to the following vendor partners:

Wedding travel concierge: Indian Destination Wedding

Wedding planner: Dream Shaadi

DJ and MC: Dynasty Ave MC Smarty Singh DJ Ravi

Entertainment: Drums in Paradise

Decor: Palace Productions

Photography: Federico Salmeron Photography

Videography: Saptapadi Weddings

Lighting/fireworks: Promedsa

Makeup: Styling Trio

Mehndi: Loto Mehndi

The resort, decor, entertainment, and everything in created a beautiful wedding experience for Palak and Neel as well as their guests. We were so honored to have been a part of their wedding journey and we wish them a future full of happiness.

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