Niyati and Rachit’s Phenomenal Indian Destination Wedding at Moon Place The Grand

Indian Destination Wedding Moon Palace The Grand

Beneath the arches of their floral mandap, Niya and Rachit’s wedding ceremony took everyone’s breath away. But when the soaring smoke bombs burst overhead at the end, it left the crowd in awe as they cheered and celebrated.

Indian Destination Wedding Moon Palace The GrandWhile this was an undeniably special moment during their wedding week, Niyati and Rachit had quite a few heart-felt memories with their families and guests as they explored the Moon Palace The Grand resort together.

Read on to learn about the highlights from this phenomenal Indian destination wedding.

After spending time getting to know our clients’ vision for their wedding, we took Niyati and Rachit through our signature Match Finder process which revealed that the Moon Palace The Grand in Cancun would be perfect. This is a larger resort offering many beautiful spots for wedding photos that make a big impression. Its size also means that your guests will have an endless list of fun things to do together and it offers large spaces for wedding functions.

One great feature about the resort was that guests had complimentary access to the restaurants and amenities at the nearby sister resort, Moon Palace, which includes a water park. Getting the chance to explore two resorts instead of one offered an irresistible value that checked off all the boxes for Niyati and Rachit.

Indian Destination Wedding Moon Palace The GrandAs you think about your destination wedding, work with us, a professional travel agency that specializes in Indian weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean. Our company has relationships with resorts that result in large savings and perks for our couples that they can’t access alone.

We also offer the option of adding in entertainment services such as DJs and dhol players so you can shorten your to-do list. Working with us means you won’t have to stress over travel questions from guests or last-minute travel emergencies since we become the point of contact for you and your guests. We’ll help you find the perfect destination, resort and transportation to the resort so you can focus on enjoying your engagement.

Our clients worked with the incredible wedding planning team, Dream Shaadi. Their team understood the importance of ensuring the wedding would be a full experience that allowed the guests to bond. It was also a way to give guests plenty of chances to enjoy the week doing fun activities with the couple in a way that made it feel like a dream vacation.

Indian Destination Wedding Moon Palace The GrandThey worked tirelessly to make the wedding have the exact vibe they wanted while making the most of each space the resort offered for each function. One especially incredible moment they orchestrated was the dazzling fireworks display at the end of the sangeet night. It made for quite a thrilling moment as guests cheered and danced under the sparkles in the sky.

As you look for a wedding planning team, look for signs that show how organized they are when handling your wedding details. You should also ask how many other clients they will have around the time of your wedding to ensure that they will have the bandwidth to give yours the attention it deserves.

Ensuring you have the details of your wedding on video and in photos is a job that not just any videographer or photographer can do. It takes a pro team that has ample experience with Indian destination weddings to give you the once-in-a-lifetime video and portraits that tell your story the right way.

That’s why Niyati and Rachit chose to work with Saptapadi Weddings for production and the sister companies Saptapadi Films and Federico Salmeron Photography. Since all of these companies are connected, it made the process much easier to get the wedding photos and video they craved. Niyati and Rachit were able to get same-day edits of everything so they received an abundance of photos to view and wedding film that felt like an elegant feature film.

Indian Destination Wedding Moon Palace The GrandAll three of these teams aim to impress clients with their high-quality work and professionalism so that the all of the wedding week memories are preserved on camera in the most perfect way. As you look for a videographer and photographer, consider working with sister companies or one company that does it all to access excellent savings and a team that knows how to work well together.

Niyati’s beautiful wedding makeup and hair came together thanks to her glam team which consisted of Loto Mehndi and Styling Trio. The Loto Mehndi team worked to create an elegant henna design for her hands and feet that echoed her personal style. They created beautiful skin art that complemented Niyati’s outfits in an elegant way.

No two mehndi artists are alike so when you look for one, ask to see both their most intricate designs as well as their simplest so you can see the full range of their skills. The Styling Trio team created a timeless glam look that allowed Niyati’s beautiful eyes to shine. The look allows Niyati to look effortlessly beautiful without competing with her wedding outfits.

Indian Destination Wedding Moon Palace The GrandAs you look for a makeup artist, bring along a photo of different outfits you’ll wear so they get a sense of your style and what you’ll wear. You should bring along photos of makeup looks you like as well as those you don’t to ensure they are on the same page as you when it comes to the desired look you want for your wedding.

Wedding décor and flowers are two things that can mean the difference between having an okay wedding and a breath-taking one. That’s why Niyati and Rachit chose to work with Gama Group and Palace Productions to create an elegant atmosphere for their wedding events. Each event echoed their personal style beautifully while making guests feel as though they had been transported to a beautiful garden.

Inspired by the rich landscape and flowers found in the tropics, they used neutral tones in their décor with pops of pink which worked perfectly to help Niyati stand out well in her wedding outfit. Their arched floral mandap was impressive and chic allowing the beautiful aqua ocean to peek through from behind.

Indian Destination Wedding Moon Palace The GrandBut what made it especially incredible was the magenta smoke bombs that set off behind it at the end of the ceremony to the delight and surprise of the crowd. Choosing wedding décor for your wedding means thinking about not only the location but also the other elements you’ll have that day.

Choose colors, flowers and textures that work with colors you will be wearing so that you stand out in the photos instead of blending in with the other colors. When it comes to destination weddings, you can go as neutral or colorful as you’d like for your mandap. The goal is to ensure if fits the vibe you have in mind.

Indian Destination Wedding Moon Palace The GrandDJ Sunny P Events and Beats by Jay treated wedding guests to an exhilarating wedding reception. The whole night was non-stop energy with guests dancing to modern and classic songs that were reimagined to be even more exciting thanks to the skills of this incredible duo.

Our clients love working with this team because they show up to weddings giving their very best to the bride, groom and guests.

Niyati and Rachit’s amazing wedding comes together beautifully when you work with incredible vendor partners. We’d like to thank the following companies for ensuring our clients had the wedding of their dreams.

Indian Destination Wedding Moon Palace The GrandTravel concierge: Indian Destination Wedding
Resort: Moon Palace The Grand
Planning & design: Dream Shaadi
Production: Saptapadi Weddings
Film: Saptapadi Films
Photographer: Federico Salmeron Photography
Mehndi: Loto Mehndi
Glam: Styling Trio
Decor: Gama Group Palace Productions
Dj: DJ Sunny P Events Beats by Jay

Niyati and Rachit’s beach wedding had the kind of phenomenal moments that will make an unforgettable week for them and their guests. From the bursts of fireworks overhead at the end of their sangeet, to the magenta smoke bombs that flew overhead after their wedding ceremony to the thumping beats at their wedding reception, this was a wedding that was a truly a fun getaway for everyone.

We are so happy to have been a part of their journey and we know that their marriage will be just as thrilling and beautiful as the wedding they had in Mexico.

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