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When it comes to mehndi, you can’t afford to go to someone who isn’t a pro. And when it comes to getting mehndi for your wedding day, you can’t settle for someone who is just “good.” You need someone who will create a show-stopping, delicate design that will pop in all of your wedding portraits. That’s why we’re pleased to share the work of one of our favorite vendors Loto Mehndi by CB&Co led by Gabriela Gutiérrez. Read on to get the best tips for your wedding day mehndi design!

  1. Tell us about your company and how you and your team got into doing mehndi designs for weddings.

In 2012 CB & Co, our sister company, had a request from an Indian bride that was going to have a wedding at the Riviera Maya who asked if we knew somebody to do mehndi in the area. So, we asked the bride if she would allow us to practice and since then we have gone down this road with joy, acceptance and success.

IDW: That’s so exciting! This just shows how popular South Asian weddings have become in Mexico and the Caribbean. There is such a big need for mehndi artists who are truly good at what they do!

  1. What are some of the most popular mehndi designs that you’ve seen requested by brides?

As social media has become a major influence for all brides, we have requests of all types, from the ones who want to recreate a famous henna artist design (which we always we always give credit to when we do them), to the ones that allow us just to go with the flow in our designs. Floral designs are always the main request, but also wedding logos, skylines and even puppy paws.

IDW: We’ve also seen a trend toward floral designs for sure! It’s such an important decision to make because the design lasts for quite some time and flowers will always be classic.

  1. Have many brides been requested the colored pastes or do most stick with the traditional reddish-brown color for their wedding mehndi?

We are committed to natural, organic, fresh henna paste that is prepared especially for each bride, but if we have special requests for a different paste, we can work with it.

IDW: We love that you make sure your batches are organic!

  1. What is the process you take a bride through to find that perfect design for them?

We always ask for inspiration designs, and we ask if they want a recreation of the design or if it’s just a reference. We like to ask them if they want to incorporate personal elements with the designs they like such as their wedding logos, skylines, names, and faces.

IDW: Having some ideas to start with is great and adding in personal elements helps the design tell the right story that is unique to that bride. Very smart!

  1. How are you and your team different from other wedding day mehndi designers?

We love to pamper our brides, take time for each bride to make her feel special, be always on time and make sure that we understand their specific needs.

IDW: Not all mehndi artists are the same and it’s good to know that brides who work with you get such a luxurious experience!

  1. How long do your designs last on the skin?

This part requires team work. The combination of our henna quality and the bride’s commitment to taking care of it using the steps that are explained in their contract affects how long it lasts. Since everyone’s skin is so different, the average the stain can last 10 days, but it can be less or more. It all depends on each bride’s skin and their after-care commitment.

IDW: It’s good to know that you provide details instructions so brides can make their designs lasts as long as possible.

  1. Are there any special things you do to keep the design on the skin for as long as possible?

The quality of our henna is very special and we invest in high quality henna powder and essential oils. We love the ones that are organic. We seal the designs with a delicious natural sealant that we prepare and if brides wants we wrap their arms and so their designs are safe when they go to bed.

IDW: You really do take good care of your brides!

  1. Where should brides look to get some inspiration for their mehndi design?

Instagram henna artist accounts, Pinterest, Facebook, and of course, our own Instagram account.

IDW: So many options! Today’s bride really gets inspiration from many places. We can imagine it might be hard to choose just one design but we know your team will be there to pick something that works best for them.

  1. How long does the application process typically take when you are working on the design for a bride?

This depends on each bridal package. We can take from 2 hours to 6 hours, and that will be something that each bride will know before the planning, so we can have the time we need without rushing.

IDW: Good art takes time! And as a bride that might not be such a bad thing when you consider how well you pamper them during their session with you!

  1. What are some good questions a bride should ask a mehndi designer to ensure they are the right fit for their wedding?

Since every bride is unique, we love to get involved in the bride’s wedding history so we can feel their passion and reflect it on their Mendhi. We always make sure that they feel confident about their design, timings and family mehndi needs. So, a bride should ask how the henna artist will understand their vision and translate that into a beautiful design. They should ask the artist what they do to ensure the bride feels comfortable with the design they agree on together. And they should ask the artist why they do what they do. The bride should find a henna artist that is passionate about the work and the details that go into each design they do for each bride.

This is our passion and we have an exquisite team of 8 artists that are in love with this art. So for us, working on this is a blessing and in that way we always show our gratitude. Our commitment is the best for each bride.

IDW: We couldn’t agree more! Finding an artist who can do a nice design is only one part of the equation. You have to find the one that will be easy to work with and will make the whole experience feel special and luxurious from start to finish! We are so grateful for your insights. Thanks so much for taking the time to interview with us!

Mehndi designs take so much skill and passion and we are so thrilled that we can count on excellent partners like Loto Mehndi to take good care of our clients. As you can see, a real artist is one who takes the time to do the work well while ensuring it has the personal touches that will echo the love story of the couple.

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