Wedding Video Tips: Interview with George Bucur of Mari Harsan Studios

One of the most important vendors you’ll want for your wedding is a videographer. Picking one who is not only skilled but also professional is crucial to having the kind of video that will take your breath away. Wedding videos are one of those things that just grow in value as time passes so getting ones that look great is an absolute must. That’s why we’re excited to share this interview we did with George Bucur of Mari Harsan Studios. George is one of those videographers that is not only good at what he does but has a genuine passion for it. His appreciation for the little details and his genuinely kind heart are what our clients have loved about him and we think you will, too! Read on to learn more about George and get some of his best tips for having a gorgeous wedding video.

  1. Tell us about Mari Harsan Studios and what you love most about being a videographer.

Mari Harsan Studios started more than 10 years ago as a photography business and quickly adopted cinematography shortly after. Mari is the master photographer and I, George the lead cinematographer. With more than 20 years of editing and sound experience, it was an easy addition to the photography business.

Being entrusted to capture an event like a wedding is a huge honor. Knowing that the memories I capture will be passed down to next generations is something I love and do not take lightly. Besides that, a wedding always comes with some sort of challenges and the need to adapt, solve a problem quick and do it flawlessly is definitely a rush of adrenaline for me. While weddings are somewhat the same, they are also unique as each couple is different.

IDW: We couldn’t agree more, George! Knowing you are a part of one of the biggest days in someone’s life and to be in charge of documenting all of those special moments with your video camera sounds like it is so fulfilling!

  1. What are three things brides and grooms should look for when finding the right videographer for their destination wedding?

When it comes to destination weddings a good videographer needs to adapt quickly to a new set of challenges unique to destination weddings.

1. One of the most important things that a couple needs to know when booking a videographer is if the videographer has done destination weddings in the past. This is extremely important because traveling with lots of equipment to work in another city or country is not the easiest thing and not everybody is prepared for what could expect them ahead. From flights, to customs, to the potential lost luggages or damaged equipment it is all a possibility that one needs to consider giving the fact that it will directly impact capturing a wedding.

2. Another important thing to know is booking a videographer from countries that require visas or permission to work in the country where the wedding is taking place. The videographer’s ability to travel and work will depend on travel restrictions and local laws.

3. Depending on the location of the wedding and the weather conditions, make sure the videographer is equipped with the proper gear and is prepared physically to perform in that environment. 

IDW: These are excellent things to think about!

  1. Which mistakes have you seen couples making when they work with their videographer?

The most common mistake it’s not seeing enough work from the videographer and not having a clear picture of the products that they will receive after the wedding. A lot of people book videographers after they have seen a small video clip on social media or get a referral. Asking to see more work is a good idea!

IDW: That’s a great point. It’s easy to think the person is good based off of just a video or two. Looking at as many videos as you can from them can help you see their style. There are many factors that impact how a video turns out but you want to make sure that you still see a sense of consistency with the quality of the work.

  1. What tips can you give to couples to make sure their video ends up being incredible?

Communication, communication, communication. I always tell my couples that the more I know from the beginning, the better I can prepare. Besides that, cooperation on the day of the wedding is extremely important. At times the weather or other things could impact the willingness to cooperate in the moment and in those moments, it is important to remember that in a few hours the whole event is over and unfortunately, we will not be able to recreate moments or get more time. Once a wedding is over, it is over.

IDW: Yes, weddings go by so much faster than we realize. We’ve also noticed that the best videos are usually the ones where the couples shared exactly the kind of scenes they’d like captured and what they do not want the videos to show. Being flexible also helps you get better shots than you would have imagined. The key really is to just stay open and go with the flow!

  1. What sets you apart from other videographers that a couple might be considering?

I only take on a wedding if I am the right fit for a couple. Our studio’s motto is “If our clients are happy, we are happy.” That’s the reason why having plenty of communication early in the process and throughout to ensure that I can meet expectations is extremely important to us. Getting where I am today took years and hundreds of weddings. My current and future clients get the improved versions of me but also my experiences enable me to create timeless masterpieces that my clients will enjoy for years to come.

IDW: We love your integrity and how you are focused on constantly improving your craft!

  1. What is the process like when a bride and groom chooses to work with you?

I love to get to know the couples and of course the events they are planning as well as their vision/expectations. Usually I start with an in person, zoom or call consultation. When a couple has all the information needed and we all agree to move forward, we sign the agreement and their date/s is reserved. From there we will be in constant contact until after the wedding to make sure we serve them the best way possible.

IDW: Yes, you’d mentioned that having good communication is so key. You really walk your talk! We’re sure that having this much contact helps you to really build the rapport needed to make your videos so amazing.

  1. You have filmed many South Asian destination weddings. What have been your favorite locations to film in Mexico or the Caribbean?

I love going to new places, but when it comes to work it is nice to go to a place you have been before and for me that most-likely is Cancun, Mexico.

IDW: Ah….Cancun! We couldn’t agree more. There are many excellent luxury resorts there for South Asian weddings!

  1. How far in advance should the couple book their videographer?

A good rule of thumb would be as soon as they have the date and the venue secured.

IDW: Yes! The pro videographers get booked quickly!

  1. What was the most memorable South Asian wedding you’ve shot?

Each wedding and couple interaction brings something unique and exciting to the table for me, so this is a bit hard, but if I would have to pick one that pops in my mind is a super packed 5-day wedding in Cancun, Mexico in 2019. It was of course absolutely beautiful, the couple and their families felt like family to me and every single event they put together was exciting and memorable.  

IDW: Yes, when clients feel like family, it just changes the whole vibe of the experience. We love to hear that you’ve had that same experience too!

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting some insight from a truly pro videographer who is experienced in destination weddings. At Indian Destination Wedding, not only bring together all of the travel arrangements for you and your guests, but we also provide entertainment for your wedding. And, we match our clients to videographers and other vendors they need for their wedding, too! We’ll make sure to match you with the DJ that will be flexible, friendly, talented and communicative from beginning to end!

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