Mahak and Pritam’s Exciting Wedding in Cancun, Mexico

South Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood Cancun

Planet Hollywood Cancun is known for being the resort that treats you like a celebrity which made it the perfect backdrop for Mahak and Pritam’s wedding. Our clients had a dream wedding that was the best balance between a luxurious and down-to-earth.

South Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood Cancun

With beautiful views of the white-sand beaches of Costa Mujeres all from poolside cabanas and dramatic décor and architecture at every turn, there are so many impressive spots for taking portraits here. See how this resort comes alive when couples have South Asian weddings here and learn key takeaways you can use for your wedding.

The wedding planning team at Pyaar Planning took excellent care of Mahak and Pritam and ensured that the wedding details fit their vision for their wedding. We love that they are always responsive and pay extra attention to what the bride and groom want for their wedding.

Federico Salmeron Photography took beautiful shots at the wedding. We love recommending this photographer for his extensive experience shooting South Asian weddings. We especially love his eye for those moments with a lot movement in them because he captures the excitement of the moment so well!

As you consider a wedding photographer for your wedding, ask to see several examples of their work to get a sense for their overall signature style. Every good photographer has one and you can sense whether the work they do fits with the type of photos you’d like. As you think about your wedding videographer, make sure you find one that knows the resort you are considering. They should be able to suggest areas at the resort that are especially perfect for your photos.

South Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood Cancun

The amazing team at Saptapadi Weddings filmed Mahak and Pritam’s wedding. They have a knack for capturing both the big moments but also those small moments that other videographers might miss: the soft smile of a guest looking on at the bride and groom, or the way the groom breaks into a smile as he sees his bride for the first time in her wedding outfit.

You also want someone who will be easy to work with so do take your time asking questions and getting to know their personality as well. Finally, do make sure they have can work well with other wedding professionals you’ll hire, especially your photographer (if you choose two separate vendors versus having both under one vendor).

South Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood Cancun

Mahak’s exquisite mehndi design, by Loto Mehndi, looked perfect with her outfits and makeup. We love that the design worked with anything she wore instead of competing with it. As you select your mehndi team, it helps to have ideas for designs, but also know that a good mehndi artist will also give ideas as well. There are many trends, but choosing something that feels personal and shows off your own aesthetic is what matters most.

Speaking of makeup, we love that Mahak’s stunning makeup and hairstyles brought out her natural beauty so well thanks to the work of the Styling Trio team. They picked looks that looked beautiful in the photos and in person but also will look wonderful as time passes without looking dated or too trendy. We love that Mahak’s makeup and hair held well during each of her events.

South Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood Cancun

As you consider your glam team, remember to pick one that knows how to make your makeup last and can hold up to heat or sweat. It’s especially important to pick a team that is well-versed in skincare so they can choose products that work with your skin’s needs.

South Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood Cancun


One of the most beautiful parts of Mahak and Pritam’s wedding was the incredible cream, white and pink floral arch that led to their mandap which offered an equally beautiful arrangement of flowers. The flowers for the wedding, by Tulipania, created the perfect atmosphere without competing with the natural beauty of the sea and sand during the ceremony.

South Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood Cancun

Mahak and Pritam’s drummers set the stage for an unbelievable baraat thanks to the wonderful team at Drums in Paradise. They did an excellent job of keeping the crowd engaged! They have done an extensive number of South Asian weddings and understand the customs and culture that make them so unique and special.

South Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood Cancun

For entertainment, Mahak and Pritam chose to use The Lost Strings. This group has performed at more than 100 weddings and beautifully creates the perfect ambiance for wedding ceremonies. Using live music for your wedding creates a vibe that makes that wedding event feel even more special.

If you are considering live music, make sure that you ask about how many musicians are available. In case the one you like has an emergency and needs to be replaced, you’ll want to be familiar with others in the company. Ask for their ideas and input as well to see if they will fit with your own wedding vision.

South Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood Cancun

At the reception, DJ Gaurav K had the guests dancing, cheering and enjoying every moment as they celebrated Mahak and Pritam. Creating the right atmosphere for guests that includes a good mix of classic hits, modern hits, South Asian beats and international songs, DJ Gaurav K got the crowd moving!

As you pick a DJ for your wedding, make sure to not only listen to their mixes, but also look up reviews. Pay attention to how organized the DJ seems to be not only in their communications with you but also in how they’ve handled weddings in the past especially destination weddings. Ask about other services they might offer such as indoor sparklers or the option to create beautiful “clouds” on the dance floor for a dramatic effect for your first dance.

South Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood Cancun

A wedding this wonderful happens when you get to work with an incredible team of fellow vendors. We are grateful for the hard work of the following companies who helped make Mahak and Pritam’s wedding so unforgettable.

Travel: Indian Destination Wedding

Photographer: Federico Salmeron Photography ⁠

Film: Saptapadi Weddings

Wedding design / Planning: Pyaar Planning ⁠

Mehndi: Loto Mehndi

Hair & makeup: Styling Trio

Flowers: Tulipania

Drums and entertainment: Drums in Paradise

DJ: DJ Gaurav K

Entertainment: The Lost Strings

South Asian weddings in Mexico

South Asian weddings in Cancun

South Asian weddings at Planet Hollywood Cancun

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