Justin and Lisa’s Perfect Wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico

South Asian Destination Wedding at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

Weddings like Justin and Lisa’s are the kind that are filled with moments that stay with you long after the celebrations are over. Each of the events came together in a thoughtful way that showed that this couple’s love was meant to last.

South Asian Destination Wedding at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera MayaLet’s take a look at some key takeaways that made this such a beautiful wedding to remember.

We were honored that Justin and Lisa chose us to help them find their wedding destination. We used our proprietary process for finding their perfect destination and they chose the lovely Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. Next, we brought together all of the travel arrangements for them and their guests.

Justin and Lisa worked with Pyaar Planning to bring their vision for their wedding to life. This team has in-depth experience with South Asian weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean. No matter how large of a wedding you would like, you’ll want to select a team that has good relationships with the resorts and solid experience with the one you are considering. You’ll want to ask about how many other weddings they will manage around the time of your wedding.

You’ll also want to know how they handle things if your planner ends up being unable to come due to illness or another unforeseeable event. Ideally, your wedding planning team will not only be robust but will still take care to ensure everyone on the team is aware of your wedding details in case they need to make any last-minute substitutions.

Film Art Studio and Marina Pochepkina were the incredible team behind the stunning wedding portraits. We love that they managed to capture many of the special moments that showed the energy between Justin and Lisa so beautifully. Film Art Studio also did the videography for this wedding as well.

It can be a wonderful idea to pick a team that can handle both your video and photography for your wedding as they will usually be well-versed in capturing the details. Since both would come from the same vendor, a studio that will take care of your photography and videography may be better equipped to offer same-day edits and additional add-ons such as livestreaming your wedding for guests who can’t attend.

Lisa’s gorgeous hair and makeup were by Styling Trio. We love how she chose looks that were sophisticated and classic. As you consider your wedding look, try to pick colors and styles that will look timeless. Also, keep in mind that you will be in tropical weather so you’ll want to pick a look that will keep you comfortable and will be easy to touch up.

The Loto Mehndi team made sure that Lisa’s mehndi designs were flawless! This team is well-known as being talented and very easy to work with among our clients. They provide excellent service and make the entire process feel relaxing for brides.

As you consider your mehndi design team, choose a style that will reflect your unique personality. Decide on how detailed you’d like it be: the more details you want, the longer the process will take. There are many styles to choose so pick the one that will also complement the rest of your overall look. If you have already selected your outfits, make sure to let the mehndi designer know as they can serve as inspiration for your final design.

Wedding decorations can set the entire tone of each of your events so choosing a skilled team is important. We loved the work of Zuniga Deco Cancun as well as the floral team at FTulipania. For destination weddings, you can make your décor glam or simpler and either style works.

As you pick your décor and floral team, make sure they know which of the locations you are using for your events. Ask them for images showing what they have done for other clients in those spaces. In addition, ask for their input for ways to save on this part of your wedding budget.

A smart décor or floral team will know how to work with any budget and will usually give insider tips on ways to make this part of your wedding expenses stretch further.

We were honored to work with the following incredible vendors for Justin and Lisa’s wedding:

Wedding design/ planning: Pyaar Planning

Makeup & Hair: Styling Trio

Photo: Film Art Studio / Marina Pochepkina

Video: Film Art Studio

Mehndi: Loto Mehndi

Deco: Zuniga Deco Cancun

Flower: FTulipania

Justin and Lisa’s tropical wedding had all the right touches of elegance, sophistication and warmth that made it such a perfect experience for them and their guests. With the right location, resort and vendors, they show that having a destination wedding in Mexico is not only possible but also very much worth it.

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