Jignya and Pranav’s Wedding: Key Takeaways from a Sweet Beachside Wedding in Cancun

Moon Palace Cancun destination wedding

Moon Palace Cancun destination weddingJignya and Pranav’s beautiful wedding at Moon Palace Cancun had all the beauty and sweetness you would want in such a special day. The love between the two of them was so clear and it shows in their gorgeous wedding photos below done by the great Sascha Gluck.

We hope you find some tips that will help you as you think about your future wedding date as well!

South Asian weddings in Cancun

South Asian weddings at Moon Palace Cancun

Here are some key takeaways from this very special beachside wedding:

  • Jignya and Pranav welcomed guests by taking them on a boat ride party. This was a fun way to get everyone together, enjoy time with guests and let everyone enjoy the beautiful tropical views. Adding in at least one special event like this for your guests helps make the experience that much more wonderful and is a way to thank them for coming. Many resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean offer options such as special day trips and other experiences for your guests. We can offer many wonderful ideas based on the resort you choose. But first, it starts with finding your dream resort. Contact us and we’ll help you do just that and we’ll suggest activities for your guests.
  • We love the bursts of yellow and hot pink used for their sangeet night celebrations by the décor team at Latin Asia Destination Weddings. For their wedding ceremony, they used red, white and shiny gold material for their mandap but kept the décor more simple since their location offered a perfect of the beach surrounding them. They had a dramatic overhang above their mandap using airy material that gave the effect of soft clouds above them. They also incorporated beautiful bunches of flowers around the middle of each post holding up the mandap. As you think of your wedding, make sure to think about how you’ll keep guests feeling cool and comfortable. Many venues offer options including fans and various types of overhead structures that will offer some shade. Ensuring guests also have access to cool drinks will also help.
  • The beautiful couple took advantage of the natural surroundings for their photos. We love how they had shots in front of the palm trees, greenery, and wooded areas. Make sure to reserve plenty of time to get shots on the beach and choose to do them as late in the day as possible when the sun is not as high in the sky so that both of you can be comfortable.
  • While it’s important to have the wedding photos that look dramatic and regal, we’re also big fans of photos that show the couple’s personalities and more relaxed sides, too. It helps show just how excited you were at your wedding! We’ve included a few shots below that Sascha was able to capture that showed their happiness and their absolute love for each other.
  • Your entertainment choices will matter especially for a destination wedding. We love that Jignya and Pranav had drummers for not only the baraat but also during the sangeet and reception. DJ AXL made guests not only get ready to dance but inspired them to keep dancing the whole night!
  • Make sure to choose a makeup team that is well-versed in doing makeup for tropical climates. We love how Styling Trio helped bring out Jignya’s beautiful natural features and made her skin look flawless in her photos. You want an artist who will take care to apply the right products that are sweat-proof and can stand up to any happy tears you shed as well!
  • For the reception, we loved the blue twinkle lights that served as a backdrop for the ballroom. The bride and groom sat at a wedding stage with dramatic white cushioned wall panels complete with three mini chandeliers. These added special touches to make the reception feel so magical!

We were honored to have worked with the following excellent vendors to make Jignya and Pranav’s wedding such an incredible experience:

Travel Concierge: Indian Destination Wedding

Resort: Moon Palace Cancun

Planning: Joss Morales at Cancun Unique Weddings

Photography: Sascha Gluck

Décor: Latin Asia Destination Weddings

Entertainment: DJ AXL

Hair and Makeup: Styling Trio

Planning out wedding details isn’t always easy but the highlights from Jignya and Pranav’s wedding show that simple elements can make such a difference in creating the perfect tmosphere and vibe for a wedding. We hope that you’ve found some helpful tips here that can make your wedding event more wonderful!

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