Gopi and Ronak’s Wedding: Key Takeaways from a Truly Tropical Wedding

When we look back on Gopi and Ronak’s wedding at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya resort in Playa Del Carmen, a few words come to mind: vibrant and tropical! This is a couple that did an outstanding job of tying in the vibe with South Asian traditions and décor to make it a destination wedding that really took you on an adventure. It had all the makings of an outstanding wedding.

Great food? Yes. Beautiful décor? Of course. Chic wedding style? You know it. But the smaller details that the bride and groom decided on for this wedding are what helped make it extra special. Let’s take a look at some of the things Gopi and Ronak did so well for their romantic wedding!

South Asian weddings in Playa del Carmen

South Asian weddings at The Hard Rock Riviera Maya

Here’s what this sweet couple had to say about their experience:

“We truly enjoyed working with Ateet for our wedding in Riviera Maya in November 2019! All our guests raved about how it was one of the best weddings they’d been to, and Ateet did everything he could to make the booking process for our guests as smooth as possible. My husband and I also appreciated all of Ateet’s help in the actual wedding planning process as he facilitated us through a few issues we had with our wedding coordinator for the resort. Without him, we probably wouldn’t have had such a successful and memorable wedding – thanks Ateet! We definitely recommend him and IDW to any prospective couples looking into a destination wedding.

Here are a few key takeaways that made the difference:

  • Gopi and Ronak wisely chose to make their Sangeet attire floral to really get into the island spirit. The outfits were a good balance of being chic but also comfortable as you can see in the images below by our photography partner, Sarani Weddings. Remember, you’ll experience tropical weather so choose clothing that will keep you cool while still being elegant. Alex Corbanezi & Beauty Co. did an excellent job of also making sure Gopi looked her best by ensuring her makeup and hair complimented her attire for the Sangeet, Haldi and wedding ceremony. This also helped echo the beautiful flowers for all the events provided by Tulipania.
  • Their Sangeet décor, done by Latin Asia, included local flowers at the table encased in silver mini bird cages that had a decidedly South Asian design. It was the perfect mix of both worlds! Adding in table runners in simple but bold colors that were naturally found in the surrounding environment also gave it the tropical appeal that made for a fun and festive night.
  • The dance floor at the Sangeet also helped add in a tropical vibe! It glowed in various shades of turquoise, blue and even purple to mimic the ocean. It gave the illusion that the guests were dancing right on the ocean waves which made it even more enjoyable! We were thrilled that the guests had so much fun as they danced to the music provided by Dhoom Events Indian Wedding DJs. Audio/visual equipment that helped set the scene were provided by PSAV Mexico and Drums in Paradise did an outstanding job of getting the guests excited with their incredible beats.
  • For the Haldi ceremony, we love how Gopi chose to wear bright yellow floral crown as well as a garland of flowers around her neck. It made her look like a real island queen and the bright colors made her pop in the album photos.
  • Gopi made excellent use of the surroundings for her wedding photos by finding spots that burst with color and helped frame her perfectly in the shot. In the shots below, she is posing near a cerulean colored wall that helps her stand out perfectly. And in another shot, she stands alone with her back to the camera to create an elegant silhouette framed by the leaves hanging off the gazebo and the greenery in front of her.
  • Their ceremony was outside and they chose a great location in front of the water which made for a beautiful backdrop for their wedding photos. This also helped their décor pop even more! Drums in Paradise did an excellent job of helping make the groom’s entrance be extra exciting for the guests.
  • They had a little help from the cutest guest you can imagine who held a sign that announced Gopi’s entrance. It was adorned with beautiful flowers that kept up the tropical theme.
  • For the reception, we love how the room is bathed in beautiful hues of tropical purple. To keep with the adventure and travel theme of the wedding, the centerpieces had different gate numbers like those you’d find at an airport. They also included beautiful frames filled with flowers as part of the décor as a creative way to look like gates. In the midst of this beautiful scenery, guests enjoyed live music by Jackie Vasquez of Arteum Productions and had a great time at the photo booth provided by Quinta Roo Photobooth.

Their wedding turned out beautifully thanks to the incredible work of the following partners:

Travel Concierge: Indian Destination Wedding

Resort: Hard Rock Riviera Maya

Hair/makeup: Alex Corbanezi Beauty & Co

Photography and Video: Sarani Weddings

DJ services: Dhoom Events Indian Wedding DJs

Florist: Tulipania

Décor: Latin Asia

Baraat: Drums in Paradise

Live music: Jackie Vasquez-Arteum Productions

Photo Booth: Quiroo Photobooth

Audio and Visual Equipment: PSAV Mexico

Gopi and Ronak added just the right touches to make this a vibrant and tropical wedding that made it feel like a mini vacation for their guests. We hope you are now even more inspired to add in details like these to make yours the wedding you deserve.

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