Deepika and Arthur’s Wedding: Key Takeaways from a Fusion Wedding in Paradise


Barcelo Maya-Riviera-Maya-South-Asian-Destination-WeddingSome people were just meant to be. And when you look at Deepika and Arthur’s beautiful wedding at Barcelo Maya Grand Resort, you’ll see exactly why we feel this way about them. Our sister company, Planet DJ Productions were there and we had an absolute blast! Deepika is Hindu and Indian but grew up in Brazil. Arthur is American and Jewish and grew up in the United States.

As you’ll see in the pictures below, shot Mike Cantrell Films, the couple had many meaningful details in their wedding that helped make it truly their own. Here are some key takeaways for you to use for your own wedding to make it be as incredible as Deepika and Arthur’s.

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South Asian weddings at Barcelo Maya Palace

  • Since this was a fusion wedding, the couple wanted to make sure to honor the rich traditions of both of their cultures and faiths. That means they needed a planner who truly understood how to bring together all of those details in an elegant way. Deepika and Arthur worked with Cancun Unique Weddings who helped plan and design all of the lovely details that set the stage for such a spectacular wedding. We loved the small, meaningful touches during the wedding that showed the love they had for their guests. For instance, they had baskets of Haviana flip flops that guests could take to be more comfortable throughout the wedding. For the Sangeet night, the ladies could choose from many beautiful bindi favors and colorful bangles as a way to get into the festive mood. And as a surprise, Deepika’s brother brought Brazilian Capoeira and Samba dancers during their reception. They also gave guests small, dulce de leche cakes from Brazil called bem-casados (happily married) which are typically served on wedding days. And their reception included both blue and gold which are considered good luck in the Jewish faith. For your own wedding, think about how you want your guests to feel and what you can give them that will not only echo your culture but your connection with them, too.
  • Mike Cantrell Films captured all the special wedding moments as both the photographer and videographer and as you can see it made for a gorgeous wedding album. As you choose your wedding photographer, you’ll want to go with one that not only has done plenty of destination weddings, but has preferably done them in the location of your choice. And if they have shot at that resort before, that’s even better. And of course, you’ll want to know how much experience they have with South Asian weddings because you’ll want to make sure to capture specific moments that will matter to you, your spouse and your loved ones.
  • The floral, done by IRIS Flores and the décor, done by Latin Asia Cancun helped create the perfect atmosphere for Deepika and Arthur’s wedding. In addition to the lighting, done by Encore, these elements all together created the right ambiance for the celebrations. Bring along any images that you love from bridal magazines to help bring together the vision for your wedding. You can also ask to see what other brides have done at the resort to get ideas for your own wedding as well.
  • Deepika’s stunning makeup and her bridesmaid’s hair was done by the StylingTrio team. In addition to her makeup, her hair was done by Nando Coimbra (local to Brazil) and her intricate mehndi was done by Loto Mehndi. All of these elements are especially important because the wrong hairstyle or make up can make you uncomfortable in the tropical weather. Make sure that the team you choose understands how to do hair and makeup for a wedding that may be held outdoors. As you think about which makeup artist to hire, make sure you let them know what type of look you love most. Whether it’s more natural, glam or something in between, you’ll want an artist that specializes in that type of style. Bringing images of the type of looks you like or those you normally wear can also help.
  • Music was especially important for this wedding. They enlisted the help of our sister company, Planet DJ Productions which made an especially wonderful impression on the guests and the couple. In Deepika’s own words: “All guests were able to dance the night away to the great music by Planet DJ Productions!” This shows how important it is to pick a DJ team that will know the right music to play and how to keep the crowd’s energy up throughout the festivities. Sometimes in destination weddings, guests can start to feel tired especially since they’ve had to travel away from home and are going to so many celebrations that are part of the wedding. A good DJ will know how to handle this and help your guests enjoy every minute of it all.
  • The couple also included live music and drumming by Drums in Paradise. This is an excellent team that is well-versed in South Asian weddings that we’ve had the honor of partnering with for our own clients’ weddings. For your own wedding, make sure you choose a team that not only can play the dhol well but can keep the energy high, show up looking impeccable and ready to handle anything at the wedding.

A wedding this amazing could only happen with the help of an extraordinary team of partners. We’re so glad to have been a part of this wedding along with the following wonderful vendors:

DJ: Planet DJ Productions

Venues: Barcelo Maya Grand Resort

Cinematography and Photography: Mike Cantarell Films

Planning & Design: Cancun Unique Weddings

Floral: IRIS Flores

Decor: Latin Asia Cancun

Hair & Makeup: StylingTrio

Live Music: Drums In Paradise

Invitations & Wedding Stationery: Rolex Cards

Lightning: Encore

Mehndi Artist: Loto Mehndi

Bridal Hairstyling: Nando Coimbra (Brazil)

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