Anisha and Kaustabh’s Amazing South Asian Destination Wedding at Planet Hollywood Cancun

South-Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood Cancun

On the beautiful beaches of Planet Hollywood Cancun, the love story of Anisha and Kaustabh received the wedding celebration it deserved amongst cherished friends and family. With the lapping waves and the rustling palm trees in the background, their South Asian beach wedding became a harmonious blend of elegance and the natural beauty of Cancun.

South-Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood CancunRead on to learn more about this amazing destination wedding and learn key takeaways you can use for your own wedding plans.

Anisha and Kaustabh’s wedding journey began when they first began wondering which destination and resort would work best for them. We were honored that they chose to work with our team to narrow down their selection from multiple resort options in Mexico and the Caribbean. After finding the perfect location and resort, we booked travel details for them and their guests as well.

Destination weddings have many moving parts and having an agency like ours available to help you find the right place for your wedding week is crucial. We’ll provide options based on not only your vision and budget but also our inside knowledge of the resorts that comes from years of building relationships with them. We know which ones understand the unique customs of South Asian weddings and which ones know how to execute them flawlessly.

Our clients also worked with the wonderful team at Pyaar Planning to fine-tune their wedding details and bring their vision to life. The Pyaar Planning team specializes in crafting extraordinary South Asian celebrations amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Cancun.

They have planned weddings at Planet Hollywood many times, so they knew how to bring the plan together so that Anish and Kaustabh had an excellent experience from start to finish. They do everything for clients with a passion for celebrating love and they work hard to ensure that this comes through in all that they say and do.

As you consider a wedding planner for your wedding, having one that is especially familiar with the area you are considering for your wedding is important. Choosing one like Pyaar Planning who is local to that area can offer the advantage of having a team who has excellent connections to other vendors which can translate into savings for you.

Anisha and Kaustabh also worked with Sweet Caribbean Photo for their wedding photography and videography. This team’s trademark style is all about capturing unique angles and moments that add flavor to wedding albums.

With a remarkable expertise in intertwining the rich cultural tapestry of South Asian traditions with the captivating backdrop of these vibrant regions, they painted the visual story of Anisha and Kaustabh’s wedding with a finesse that only comes from deep understanding and experience. Through their lens, the wedding day came alive in its entirety – the vivid colors, the intricate rituals, and the overflowing emotions.

As you select your photographer and videographer, consider a team that does both. This ensures that you have a team that is highly creative and has an eye for details that are important for both videos and wedding albums. You’ll usually save more when you bundle these services together from one company and you’ll save time by having one less vendor to follow up with after your wedding.

To create just the right atmosphere for a wedding, our clients worked with Zuniga Deco Cancun for the wedding décor and Tulipania for their flowers. Each of these teams has earned a solid reputation for creating charming and luxurious surrounds for South Asian wedding events that are impressive. They are dedicated to capturing the essence of the love between each couple they work with while ensuring that what they create makes each event awe-inspiring for guests.

As you look for wedding vendors, you’ll want to work with teams like these who have extensive experience in South Asian weddings. You’ll also want to get a sense for how they ensure that they’ll be able to meet your budget needs while still giving you high quality decorations and flowers. Ask to see samples of their work that is most current so you can get a sense of their style. Ideally, you’ll find vendors that will be able to show you multiple examples of their creativity from past weddings.

Anisha was treated to a wedding experience that made her feel like a queen—and look like one, too! With the talented Loto Mehndi team as well as Dani Delgado Makeup, they complimented Anisha’s natural beauty perfectly. Loto Mehndi’s trademark style is all about creating intricate designs full of meaningful details. They truly listen to brides and love learning about the love story of each couple to co-create designs that are whimsical and chic.

Dani Delgado and team offer brides hair and makeup services that are sophisticated. They ensure each look they create lasts well before, during and after each event. As gifted makeup artists, this team possesses a rare talent for elevating the beauty of South Asian weddings to an exquisite level.

With a deft touch and an innate understanding of diverse skin tones and traditional aesthetics, she and her team skillfully transform brides into radiant visions of grace and elegance. Through careful artistry, Dani not only enhances their natural features but also crafts a harmonious blend of modern sophistication and timeless tradition. Her mastery lies not only in the strokes of her brushes but in the ability to capture the essence of each bride’s individuality, ensuring that their inner radiance shines through.

Drums in Paradise’s dhol players and entertainers brought a level of excitement to Anisha and Kustabh’s wedding that made the wedding week especially memorable. They offer a full range of entertainment options including water drummers, fire breathers, and dance shows.

This team has extensive experience with South Asian weddings and is a favorite of our clients. Their vibrant performance not only honored the spirit of the occasion but left an indelible imprint on the memories of all who had the privilege to dance to their infectious rhythms. In addition to Drums in Paradise, our clients also worked with Rahul Patel for their wedding reception entertainment. He brings energy and sophisticated DJ skills to weddings that ensure that your guests will be dancing throughout the night. DJ Rahul works tirelessly to engage guests and he ensures that he offers variety so that guests young and old will hear something they love.

As you finalize your entertainment plans, consider working with entertainment companies and DJs that can seamlessly blend classic elements with modern flair. When you ask for references, be sure to ask how large those weddings were as well. You should also ask what their favorite techniques are for engaging the crowd.

A wedding as wonderful as this one only happens when you have a truly professional team of vendor partners like the ones below. We are always grateful for their incredible work!

Travel concierge: Indian Destination Wedding

Resort: Planet Hollywood Cancun

Wedding planner: Pyaar Planning

Mehndi: Loto Mehndi

Hair and makeup: Dani Delgado Makeup

Photo and video: Sweet Caribbean Photo

DJ: Rahul Patel

Decor: Zuniga Deco Cancun

Floral: Tulipania

Entertainment: Drums in Paradise

From the intricate rituals that paid homage to their heritage to the laughter-filled dances that celebrated their union, every moment was a testament to the beauty of the love between Anisha and Kaustabh. Surrounded by family and friends, Anisha and Kaustabh had a wedding that was a true testament to the beauty of unity and shared moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. We are so honored to have been a part of their wedding journey and we wish them many years of laughter and love!

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