Aninder and Navneet’s Breathtaking South Asian Destination Wedding at Planet Hollywood Cancun

South-Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood Cancun

South-Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood CancunThey say that your wedding should be a reflection of who you are as a couple. If that’s the case, then Aninder and Navneet’s breathtaking beach destination wedding at Planet Hollywood Cancun echoed the beauty of their love in the best possible way during every one of their events. It was a wedding week that no one will soon forget as they celebrated with family and friends.

From the beautiful turquoise blue ocean and soft sands outside that surrounded their ceremony to the chic décor and flowers that created the perfect atmosphere for their reception, everything came together perfectly. Read on to get the behind-the-scenes details on how a wedding this beautiful came together and learn key takeaways you can use as you think about your own destination wedding.

We are honored that Aninder and Navneet trusted us to be a part of their wedding journey. First, we took time to get to know our clients and their vision for their wedding. Then, we helped them narrow down a destination among Mexico and the Caribbean. Next, we took Aninder and Navneet through our signature Resort Match Finder process.

South-Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood CancunWith many resorts available, it can be difficult to find the ones that have the space you need, are well-versed in South Asian customs, have ample experience with South Asian weddings, and can offer access to chefs who can create authentic South Asian cuisines. With our many years of experience and our partnerships with the best resorts, we have personally vetted them so that we can offer our clients an exclusive list of resort options that check all of the boxes.

We suggested that Planet Hollywood Cancun would be the perfect fit and Aninder and Navneet agreed! As you consider your destination wedding plans, work with our agency to ensure you get matched to the perfect resort for you.

Aninder and Navneet worked with Pyaar Planning to plan their dream wedding. The Pyaar Planning team specializes in orchestrating stylish South Asian weddings in Mexico. They have planned beautiful weddings at Planet Hollywood Cancun so they knew just how to make Aninder and Navneet’s wedding week an unforgettable one.

South-Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood CancunWe love that this team pays attention to every detail and does an excellent job of communicating with clients to ensure that they always know what comes next. As you consider a wedding planner for your wedding, it’s important to find one that has done multiple South Asian weddings of all sizes. Ask them about their communication process and how many meetings they may need with you to nail the details. A good planning team will also spend a good amount of time learning about both of you and what you want for your wedding.

The photography and videography for any good wedding is one of the most important investments you’ll have in your budget. That’s why when Aninder and Navneet sought out pros in these fields, they chose Gareth Davies Photography and Ruiz Films. These teams are not only incredible on their own but they have worked together as vendors for multiple other weddings so they have excellent synergy.

Gareth’s work is vibrant and full of details that evoke emotion. His photos look like they belong in high-end magazines and he has a way of capturing unique angles and moments that make for beautiful wedding albums for his clients. The Ruiz Films team creates cinematic wedding films that capture the unique spirit of each wedding. Like the Gareth Davis team, they are also experienced in shooting South Asian weddings.

South-Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood CancunWe are continually impressed with how they manage to bring together the visuals, music and interesting shots that tell the stories of each couple. As you pick your photography and videography teams, ask if they have worked with your other vendors and if they can also refer others to you that they love to work with, too. This will ensure that you have a team that is cohesive.

When it was time to get ready, Navneet worked with a wonderful glam team to bring together her look for each of her wedding events. First, she worked with the incredible Loto Mehndi team who created impeccable designs for her and the guests. This team is known for creating delicate and intricate designs while creating a relaxing atmosphere for brides.

Navneet’s hair and makeup team, Alex Corbanezi, complemented her beautiful natural beauty with pro techniques that ensured that her look would be elegant and timeless. They are especially talented when it comes to creating glamorous makeup that lasts through all kinds of weather, dancing, and longer events.

Choosing the right people for your glam team comes down to first having a few ideas for your overall look. This is where it helps to bring clippings from bridal magazines to show your team. As you interview different professionals, make sure that you are picking people who will make you feel relaxed and will create the right environment for you as you get your hair, makeup and mehndi done as these services tend to take time. You want a team taking care of you who will make those experiences feel wonderful.

Creating the perfect surrounds for weddings happens when you have the right décor and floral teams in place. Zuniga Deco Cancun provided decorations and furniture for the wedding week events that elevated the look and feel of the whole wedding. They are trusted for their attention to the little details that can make all the difference in creating memorable events.

Tulipania provided the floral decorations and arrangements. Having worked with countless South Asian couples, they know how important it is to pick flowers that are vibrant in order to create an atmosphere that will impress your guests. Their creativity is unparalleled and they ensure that couples who work with them feel appreciated and heard throughout the entire process of designing their wedding floral decorations.

Finding a décor and floral team that will help you with your dream wedding comes down to their experience. Ensure that they have worked with many South Asian couples and ask them to give examples of some of their best work. Ask questions about the samples you receive. For instance, you can ask, “What kind of budget did the couples have in order to have those flowers or decorations?”

South-Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood CancunTo make their wedding truly memorable for their guests, Aninder and Navneet chose to work with DJ Han, Drums in Paradise and Weddings Encore. DJ Han is a talented DJ who knows how to mix international music that get guests dancing and celebrating. He works closely with couples to ensure that the ideas he has for their wedding music will mesh with their vision. And when the crowd broke into a spontaneous dance off? DJ Han was ready!

Drums in Paradise provides a variety of entertainment options including fire breathers, fire dancers, and dhol players. They know South Asian weddings well and have offered their services to weddings of all sizes. They always impress our clients and their guests with their professionalism and skills.

South-Asian Destination Weddings at Planet Hollywood CancunWeddings Encore provides audio visual services for weddings. With their help, Aninder and Navneet’s reception ran smoothly and guests were able to enjoy the music and beautiful lights without a hitch. To provide the best experience for your guests, interview several wedding entertainers and view their social media channels to see the latest examples of their work. You can ask to speak with past couples they have worked with to get a better idea of what they liked and what they would have changed when they worked with that vendor.

Aninder and Navneet’s beach wedding came together beautifully thanks to the hard work of our wonderful vendor partners. We would like to express our gratitude to the following teams:

Travel concierge: Indian Destination Wedding

Resort: Planet Hollywood Cancun

Wedding planner: Pyaar Planning

Photography: Gareth Davies Photography

Videography: Ruiz Films

Mehndi: Loto Mehndi

Hair and makeup: Alex Corbanezi

Decor: Zuniga Deco Cancun

Flowers: Tulipania

AV: Weddings Encore

DJ: DJ Han

Drums and entertainment: Drums in Paradise

Aninder and Navneet’s wedding week was filled with special memories that will bond them with their guests for a lifetime. Every event showcased their powerful love for each other and their guests were lucky to have witnessed such a beautiful example of commitment between two incredible people.

We are so happy that we and the other great vendors were able to help bring their dream wedding to life. We wish them a future full of laughter, smiles and a love that multiples as the years pass!

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